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Need custom AI models? We're here to partner with you.

We can help you build custom models to solve your business problems, no matter how complex. We offer a world-leading team of scientists and engineers, plus years of experience building practical AI solutions in the real world. Our team is armed with our powerful, end-to-end AI platform so that POCs can be immediately passed to production and transitioned to you. Enlight AI model building services extends your team and helps you deploy solutions quickly.

Why Clarifai

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Clarifai is one of the longest-standing AI companies in the world. We offer unmatched practical experience building AI models for businesses just like yours. Our data scientists offer unique insights into cutting edge machine learning research, and advanced expertise in the use of the Clarifai platform. Our data sourcing and preparation tools, training architecture and model deployment technology will get you up and running fast, and push the performance of your models to the limit.


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    On-demand access to machine learning experts

    Leverage a data strategy and engineering team with over 170k+ citations in published academic papers.

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    Tailored services to your business use case

    We'll help you define what you need for your use case to accelerate the AI model building process. 

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    Prototype to production-ready models

    We'll help you accelerate your time-to-value by getting your models into production faster.

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Python Node Java Curl
response = stub.PostModelOutputs(
print("Predicted concepts:")
for concept in response.outputs[0].data.concepts:
    print(concept.name + " " + str(concept.value))


Pricing that scales as your models do.

Clarifai’s team of experts are here to help you every step of the way as you integrate Computer Vision and AI into your technology stack. 

Please contact us below for a detailed Statement of Work and level of effort.

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