Establish an AI Operating Model and get out of prototype and into production

AI Lake

Consolidate and organize all your AI assets in one place. 

What is the AI Lake™ ?

Clarifai’s AI Lake™ product lets you organize, share and reuse all your AI models, annotations, datasets, workflows, and UIs in one central place so teams can better collaborate in adding AI to their applications.
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Optimize Your AI Workflow with Clarifai's AI Lake™

Centralizing AI Assets for Improved Collaboration, Organization, and Reusability in Application Development

Store and analyze massive amounts of data objects

Store data, annotations, datasets, models, model evaluations, modules, prediction, vectors and workflows. Organize these into applications or projects 

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Optimal GPU usage sharing and battle tested auto scaling

Optimal GPU usage sharing and battle tested auto scaling

Our inference orchestration maps models to the most efficient CPUs or GPUs. Our battle-tested endpoints handle massive autoscaling, with options for fully configurable scaling policies. You gain effortless accuracy vs. performance trade-offs for real world applications.  

Organize your data into datasets

As data is ingested, it can be added to a dataset automatically, manually via API or UIs, and with dataset versioning, track every change made.

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Track lineage and versioning for all your AI assets

Track every change made to your AI assets, including origin and usage over time.

Control access to your AI resources 

Make your AI assets available across your organization. Decide which people, teams and processes can access, modify, or delete any of your AI resources.

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Make your AI reproducible

Recreate results of an AI application or model using the input data, code and configurations.

Enterprise-grade AI infrastructure that costs less

Run your AI at enterprise-grade: 99.999% uptime. Save years of software reliability engineering investments.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure

Deploy on AWS (including C2S), GCP and Azure; on-prem bare metal systems are also fully supported, including air-gapped secure client premises.

Accelerate AI adoption and reusability across the enterprise

Driving AI Innovation and Scalability for Your Enterprise
Make your AI findable
Build once and reuse multiple times. Avoid redundant and duplicate efforts.
Encourage collaboration
Share your work in one place, control who can use it and who can work on it.
Build faster
Provide data scientists everything they need to build accurate models without the grunt work.
Auditable and reproducible AI
Improve the governance of your AI efforts by tracking their provenance and change history.
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Clarifai: Your End-to-End AI Solution

Together with our patented AI platform, Clarifai provides a solution including data preparation, model development, and operationalization so you build and deploy models at scale.
Automated data labeling
AI workflows
Model training & evaluation-1
Model training and evaluation
AI workflows
AI workflows
Data search & management


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Clarifai’s patented AI platform accelerates model building and operationalization at scale.