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  • Use Case

    Full Motion Video Analysis

    Improve situational awareness with faster people and object detection using computer vision and AI.

Use deep trained AI models to speed full motion video analysis for faster object detection.


Reduction in manual video search time with AI automation.


Improvement in video face recognition with AI.


Improvement in time-to-value.

Use Cases

Detect objects and track people faster in video streams using computer vision and AI. 

Full motion video technology and processing reduces the time required to determine situational awareness. By combining live-streaming video and Computer Vision, applications can be built to identify objects and people of interest for supporting anomaly detection, situational awareness, emergency response and aerial surveillance use cases.

  • Military Defense

    Uncover insights from unstructured data captured from full motion video cameras for making faster field decisions and supporting ISR military projects.



  • Emergency Response

    Combine full motion video data with AI to improve response times. Detect damaged areas or search for people in near real time.

  • Aerial Surveillance

    Use object detection models with aerial drone cameras to improve domain awareness for military perimeter surveillance, maritime compliance and border security and tracking.



  • Anomaly Detection

    Combine Computer Vision models with full motion video data streams to identify patterns, reveal suspicious behavior and object threats with speed and accuracy.

Realize the Benefits of a Secure Computer Vision and AI Platform

Clarifai's secure AI platform delivers the highest quality models you need for the most complex use cases.  Our platform has been deployed by government agencies in classified environments and meets the following compliance standards:

CMMC Level 3

SOC 2 Type 1

DFARS 252.204-7012

NIST 800-53 & NIST 800-171

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