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    Metadata Generation

    Unlock the value of your assets with rich AI-generated metadata.

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Create metadata 100x faster than manual processing using AI automation.

With AI-powered automated metadata generation, improve cataloging descriptions and asset searchability. Build intelligent searches based on objects, people, color, emotions, and even demographic characteristics. With rich metadata tagging, gain visibility into understanding not just what’s in assets, but also how it’s used, where it’s used, who’s viewing it, and their relationships to each other. With a single AI platform, you can build and train custom AI models at scale and set up workflows to manage your metadata generation process.


Improvement in productivity using AI automation.


Tag data in 53 languages for your global customers.


Less expensive using auto-tagging versus manual tagging.

What is metadata generation?

With rich metadata, you can get the most complete picture of your digital assets.

Metadata is the key to unlocking the value of your data. It's a way to create a complete picture of our data and understand it in its entirety. It typically contains a description of the data and provides important context, so that it can be used for multiple use cases. 

  • Product categorization 

    Improve product category search results with richer AI-automated metadata. Assign more descriptive and meaningful keywords more accurately than the human eye could to identify. Online retailers have the ability to classify and segregate product details into searchable terms to make it faster for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Use Clarifai’s General Model to recognize over 11,000 different concepts including objects, themes, moods, and more.

  • Brand governance

    Create metadata tags specific to your business needs using one AI platform to automate and manage the process. Identify out of date or low quality content or explicit material to ensure content is brand appropriate and legal. Richer metadata provides better descriptions for search and asset management and faster archival of outdated assets. 

  • Scene detection

    Use AI to generate richer shot detection annotations in videos to improve object and context findability in scenes. Gain insights into where objects appear in scenes to improve searchability. By providing richer scene detection validate logos and product placements to support advertising. 


Why Clarifai

Best-in-class deep learning platform to gain insights into your image, video, text content.

Create high-quality training data using end-to-end workflows and automated tools—all on one enterprise AI platform for convenience, speed, and accuracy.

  • 1000s of pre-trained models and workflows

    Join Clarifai Community and discover pre-trained models and workflows for you to use to accelerate your app development.

  • Integrated AI lifecycle platform

    Grow into one platform that integrates search, training, and prediction capabilities for multiple use cases.

  • Easy and flexible MLOps

    Explore multiple deployment options via Cloud API integration, secure on-Premise service, or as embedded Edge SDKs.

  • Automated MLOps

    Speed product indexing and data labeling using AI automated annotation and generate deeper metadata and training data.

Enterprise companies turn to Clarifai’s Computer Vision and AI technology to increase efficiency and return an impact.


  • Fortune 50 Retailer

    Improving the customer experience with Snap and Search.

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  • Home Goods Retailer

    Connecting customers to the products that match their style.

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  • Medical Diagnostic Company

    Using AI on mobile devices for disease diagnosis.

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  • Real Estate Marketplace

    Improving search results of user generated images.

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  • AutosnapLive

    Providing enhanced automative images using computer vision modeling.

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