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    Facial Recognition

    Deliver unparalleled levels of security, safety and performance with Clarifai's Facial Recognition AI solutions.

Improve people safety, reduce business risk and improve experiences with facial recognition.

How does facial recognition work?

  • Facial recognition technology helps match human faces across images and videos at scale.

    Clarifai's pre-trained Face Detection and Demographics Models can help get you started. Detect the presence of faces in images and videos. Use facial features—like the distance between eyes, the shape of your nose, or the contour of your cheekbones—to determine whether a set of faces belong to the same person.

Use cases

Facial Recognition technology is used by financial, government, manufacturing and retail organizations to provide an added layer of security to processes and physical spaces, speed up entry to buildings, log people in digitally, reduce theft-related costs, prevent identity theft and ensure safe spaces while remaining unobtrusive. 

  • ID verification

    Drastically accelerate security and processing times of any photo id while protecting customers' sensitive information.

  • Know your customer

    Use facial recognition to identify VIPs and high-potential customers to provide personalized customer experiences.

  • Media exploitation

    Track and discover desired targets in video feeds and images 100x more quickly while greatly expediting investigations.

  • Access control

    Secure access to schools, airports and, offices and keep people safe. Send alerts when concerns arise in physical spaces.


Realize the benefits of Facial Recognition.

  • Keep ground truth for identities you want to recognize and match new faces against those.

    Match faces in photos as well as video to speed identity verification.

  • Label, train, and deploy you models in a single platform that scales to meet your needs.

    Deploy your platform in the cloud, on premise, at the edge or on bare metal hardware.

Learn more about Clarifai's Facial Recognition solutions.

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Why Clarifai

Best-in-class deep learning platform to gain insights into your image and video content.

Facial recognition reduces the complexity of managing your operations by improving security, compliance, and preventing fraud.

  • Deep learning AI lifecycle platform

    Our fully integrated platform puts the fastest time-to-accuracy on the market at your fingertips.

  • Easy and flexible MLOps

    Multiple deployment options via cloud or on premise—all without expensive infrastructure engineers.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Screen video and image authentication 20x faster than human moderation.

  • Pre-trained models

    Take advantage of pre-built models to get started. Explore our ready-to-use image recognition models to suit specific needs.

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