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    AutosnapLive expands its reach into the automotive market with Clarifai

    Automotive marketer speeds image classification to meet customer demands.

  • Background

    AutosnapLive is an Austin, Texas-based company dedicated to serving automotive dealers who need high quality images to market and sell their vehicles. 

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In order to maximize online sales, car dealerships rely on multiple car images that can be presented in a way that drill down into the features of a car that their customers care most about. AutosnapLive provides enhanced vehicle images to car dealers based on computer vision modeling. Since car inventories change frequently, AutosnapLive needed to keep up with their customer demand and provide them with a continual stream of new images in order to stay competitive.

Its current computer vision partner used time intensive manual processes and could not provide the company with images fast enough to meet customer requirements. “We would have to collect huge amounts of sample data up to 500 images for each model and Google Drive them to our vendor” said Dan Gardner, Founder and CEO of AutosnapLive. “The vendor took 5 or 6 days sometimes to load a single model and train it with a good level of accuracy and that was just too slow.”




AutosnapLive turned to Clarifai because of its end-to-end platform, and its easy-to-use self-serve UI and tools. With limited human resources, AutosnapLive needed a platform with Clarifai’s best-in-class functionality and simple to learn, intuitive toolsets and found that leading vendors like Amazon Rekognition and Google Vision didn’t offer these. One feature that came as a pleasant surprise to the company was the ability to annotate using Clarifai’s AI assisted data labeler. It's seamlessly built into the Clarifai platform and has allowed the company to reduce the amount of time spent on labeling and more time on model development.


The company plans to take advantage of Clarifai’s automated workflow option which will allow them to run through multiple models in one call. They plan to run some of their existing models through the workflow, e.g., color model, size model and class model and then create a custom model by combining them to get different results. So far, everything AutosnapLive has done has been self-serve through the Clarifai user interface. Going forward the company plans to partner with Clarifai’s research and modeling team to explore ideas and rebuild some of their modeling requirements.


Reduction in customer onboarding time from days to minutes

1 Platform

Eliminated the need for multiple tools


Increase in model output

  • By doubling our modeling with Clarifai, we have been able to onboard new luxury dealerships like Bentley and Rolls-Royce - and that’s what really led the overall expansion of our customer base.”

Dan Gardner 
Founder and CEO

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