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  • Leading home goods retailer

    Connecting customers to products that match their style with snap and search

    How an E-commerce retailer used visual search to make Pinterest pins shop-able.

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    Sometimes shoppers love a style, but they don’t know how to describe it for a keyword search. With the rise of social media sites like Pinterest, an online retailer with a wide range of modern furniture and home decor products turned to Clarifai to build a Pinterest style finder app to product discovery a breeze.

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    Visual search




    Leading home goods retailer



The online retailer needed to improve the way they connected consumers to the products that directly matched their style. They realized there were ‘holes in their catalog’ and couldn’t make product recommendations because they didn’t understand the styles that people were really interested in. They specifically wanted to connect their Pinterest board to a their website and have it show multiple items that correspond to shoppers favorite pins.




The company turned to Clarifai’s world-class research team and deep learning computer vision AI platform to help them build an application. They wanted the app to identify styles found in social media and match them to the items that were visually similar in their inventory. The Pinterest Style Finder App, powered by Clarifai, makes product discovery easy for shoppers because it analyzes a customer’s inspiration boards to recommend the company's products.


By building a tool that was accurately able to identify a user’s personal aesthetics, the company was able to improve the customer experience. They developed a strategy to engage with their customers through various touch points on mobile, social, and beyond. This connection between users' stylistic preferences and products increased basket size and average visitor revenue by 25%.


Increase in pages per website visit


Reduction in bounce rates


Increase in revenue from website visitors

  • With the help of Clarifai’s deep learning computer vision AI platform, we were able to build a snap and search app that allows shoppers to take pictures of their product furnishings on their mobile phones and then match Pinterest pins to our product catalog to make the pins shop-able."

    VP of Merchandising

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