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    Clarifai New Product Release | Release 6.10 Features New Model Operators

    We're excited to announce version 6.10 of the Clarifai platform. New clients, API collections and more. 

    Developers Artificial Intelligence Software Services Releases

    Meet Our New Product Lineup

    With thousands of customers served, Clarifai offers a ton of practical know-how about what it takes to ...


    Clarifai Release 6.9

    With Clarifai Release 6.9 we are introducing a ton of major platform improvements and new features that help ...


    Clarifai Release 6.8

    Data Mode, new models, and clients in your favorite languages. Clarifai Release 6.8 introduces exciting new ...


    Clarifai Release 6.7

    Data scientists are often tempted to build their solutions from the ground up from low-level frameworks. But ...

    Releases Annotations

    Labeler is Live!

    Clarifai's new labeling solution allows enterprises to label data at scale. You can get results faster and ...


    Clarifai Release 6.6

    Clarifai is proud to introduce version 6.6 of our platform, and the official public release of Labeler. ...


    Clarifai Release 6.5

    Introducing Clarifai Release 6.5, which includes a ton of upgrades to the way that search is handled in our ...


    Clarifai Release 6.4

    We are proud to introduce Clarifai version 6.4, which seamlessly integrates AI for text with AI for images ...


    Clarifai Release 6.3

    Clarifai Release 6.3 reveals a ton of improvements to the way that annotations are managed in our platform. ...


    Release 6.3 Changelog

    Changelog 6.3

    Developers Models Releases

    Introducing New Model Operators

    With our newly released Model Mode, you can combine non-trainable model operators with trainable models into ...

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