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Computer Vision Face Detection Models

New Demographics Workflow for Age, Race and Gender Classification

To reduce the risk of race bias, we have constructed a new approach to visual recognition of race. We've also d

AI Models Annotations

Auto Annotation 101

Auto annotation is incredibly important to developers and users of AI. The workflows that you can build with au

Developers Computer Vision Machine Learning Models Custom Training

Production Workflows with Model Mode

With our newly released Model Mode you can create deep and custom trained models, and combine them into workflo

Developers Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Models

Introducing Clarifai Deep Training

Since 2013 Clarifai has offered dozens of pre-trained models that make it easy to get started in AI. Plus, we o

Developers Models Releases

Introducing New Model Operators

With our newly released Model Mode, you can combine non-trainable model operators with trainable models into AI

Computer Vision Models Custom Training

New price gouging model to help defend consumers

Attorneys general from California to Washington, D.C. are demanding that companies crack down on price gouging