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Adventa Quickly Adapts To COVID-19 Use Case With Clarifai

Adventa was able to quickly adapt to a critical new use case by using Clarifai for computer vision AI: ...

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Building vs. Buying an AI Solution - See How Clarifai Helped OpenTable

With millions of reviews and photos uploaded a month, OpenTable needed to moderate the media content they ...

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Meet the Clarifai Captain: John Pham, Artist Turned AI Software Developer

The Clarifai Captains community includes software developers, tech advocates, and Clarifai fans joining us on ...

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Meet Clarifai Captain: Austin Lubetkin, AI Developer and Wunderkind

The Clarifai Captains are a community of software developers, tech advocates, and Clarifai fans joining us on ...

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Captain of Captains: Meet Clarifai's Developer Evangelist

At Clarifai, our mission is to accelerate the progress of humanity through the continued advancement of AI. ...

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How Computer Vision Is Impacting Content Management

Picturepark specializes in content management solutions for brands and agencies across the world. Their ...

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How Photobucket Uses Image Recognition to Protect Its Community From Unwanted Content

Mike is a lead developer at Photobucket where he works on the REST APIs and backend processing tasks that ...

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How Staples Improved SEO using Clarifai's Multi-Language Image Recognition API

Staples Europe is the leading provider of workplace products, services and solutions to small, mid-sized, and ...

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How Architizer Uses Image Recognition to Unlock the Potential of User-Generated Content

Architizer is a revolutionary marketplace that connects architects with the building products they need. With ...

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Auto-Tagging User-Generated Content In Pixide’s Mobile Photo App

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How StyleMePretty Uses Visual Recognition to Grow Their Business From Publication to Platform