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March 19, 2024

Nvidia's Breakthrough and Hybrid AI with Clarifai

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Nvidia's Breakthrough and Hybrid AI with Clarifai

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, there are moments that redefine our expectations and propel us toward new horizons. This week at NVIDIA’s Keynote at their GTC conference we stand at another such moment as the trailblazing company unveiled its latest leap forward in artificial intelligence (AI).

Nvidia's groundbreaking announcement sent ripples through the tech industry, promising to reshape the capabilities of AI-powered solutions. With a legacy of pushing boundaries, Nvidia's new generation of GPUs holds the potential to revolutionize industries and drive unprecedented advancements in AI – imagine brand new GPUs that are basically AI rocket fuel.

Yet, the vision and reality of the future of AI goes beyond hardware innovation alone. Solutions and technology are oftentimes dependent on the requirements of the users and users ultimately need flexibility. Providing flexibility for users, while still meeting organizational needs around time-to-market, cost, and governance, is a fine balance. This is where Clarifai steps onto the stage. 

Clarifai was built around the idea of hybrid AI and providing organizations with flexibility and choice – what models to run, where to run AI, what data to integrate, and this choice is fueling new technologies and solutions coming to market everyday – and Clarifai makes it easy to run any AI, anywhere. The Clarifai platform builds on top of technology like Nvidia’s new GPU announcement, but also on other providers like AMD, Supermicro, and public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google. Clarifai provides customers flexibility to run AI anywhere – any cloud, any datacenter, anywhere — whether on new Nvidia GPUs, customer's own infrastructure, or more public environments—within minutes. 

Clarifai's platform was designed to help organizations build enterprise AI faster, and with ease of use and scalability in mind, reducing AI sprawl and making it easier for teams and organizations to operationalize their AI initiatives. This is becoming ever more challenging due to the urgency on productionizing multiple AI initiatives combined with ever more complex hardware like Nvidia's Blackwell announcement. With Clarifai, users can go from 0 to production AI in just five minutes, unlocking the power of AI without the complexities traditionally associated with implementing and managing underlying infrastructure and operations. 

With the ability to standardize and share AI development workflows across teams, and centralize AI governance and access controls, Clarifai helps teams focus on making the most of AI resources, whether they’re deploying their first or tenth AI application to production. By democratizing AI and making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, Clarifai is making AI available for widespread adoption and transformative change across organizations while providing guardrails and risk reduction.

Moreover, Nvidia is an investor in Clarifai and Clarifai is part of Nvidia’s Inception Program, so our goal has always been to complement the Nvidia suite. Nvidia's investment in Clarifai underscores a shared commitment to advancing AI and leveraging Nvidia's cutting-edge hardware alongside Clarifai's hybrid approach; organizations can unlock new levels of innovation and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Together, Nvidia and Clarifai represent a formidable force driving the future of AI for users, teams, and organizations everywhere. Our partnership exemplifies the collaborative spirit necessary to push the boundaries of what's possible and shape a smarter, more connected world.

Here at Clarifai, we've been pioneering bleeding-edge AI for over 10 years and are excited to help organizations unlock the power of AI. Nvidia's latest announcement marks a significant milestone toward AI-driven innovation. Join Clarifai as we embark on this transformative journey.