Data Annotation Services

We prepare training data for custom AI models

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We label your data and make your custom models come to life

Our team can help you understand and interpret your goals with AI, and ensure that you have the high quality training data you need for success. We will preprocess your data, and deliver custom, verified labels in your file format of choice.

Image Classification 

Tag your images and videos for meaningful categorization 

Bounding Box Detection

Locate people, places and things within your images and videos

Text Classification

Identify and summarize the topics covered in a set of text

The data annotation help you need in 6 steps 

When it comes to data, we offer something that few others in AI can: experience. We are the longest standing computer vision AI company in the world, and we have been working with companies like yours to solve real-world business problems for years longer than the rest.


Data strategy

We will map your business problem in terms of AI and make a strategic plan to source and train your data.


Taxonomy design

We'll design your taxonomy: the labels required for your desired outcomes. We'll use our experience to identify opportunities with your specific use case.  


Workforce deployment

We will allocate the right number of people for your needs. Annotators receive ground truth guidelines and taxonomy design.


Model evaluation

We'll test the results of our labeling with small samples of production data to ensure quality and iterate as needed before completing the full set of production data. 


Feedback loop

You can be part of the iteration process. We will provide you with sample data and work together to improve project design.



We will process the full dataset based on iteration testing and your feedback. Our field engineering team will package and format your data according to your specifications.

Flexible pricing that scales

  First 500,000 annotations 500,000+ annotations
Image classification $0.08 per image or frame and $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts
Bounding box detection $0.08 per image or frame and $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts
Text classification $0.08 per annotation Volume discounts

Data labeling made easy

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  • Data strategy planning to maintain focus
  • Flexible pricing to scale with your needs
  • Ability to customize taxonomy for your use case