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The Ultimate 
Artificial Intelligence Glossary 

2024 Edition - With special Generative AI pullout


The 2024 Ultimate AI Glossary for Today's Innovators

Welcome to the 2024 Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Glossary! This year, we’ve expanded the scope to include many new terms brought into AI conversations across development teams, enterprises, and board rooms – especially those related to generative AI.

Additionally, we've introduced a dedicated section specifically for generative AI terms. This comprehensive glossary is filled with the essential terms you need to know, helping developers, data scientists, and business leaders understand and navigate the whirlwind of jargon that has become integral to our daily lives.

Whether you need to differentiate FMs from LLMs, grasp the concept of fine-tuning versus few-shot learning, or explore the specifics of generative AI, our glossary is an invaluable resource to help accelerate your AI readiness. Enjoy!