Why Computer Vision AI?

Consumers today have an abundance of choice when shopping online, in-store, and on their mobile devices. With so many products to choose from, buyers can suffer from decision fatigue when trying to make an informed choice on what they want to buy.

Clarifai makes it easy for retailers to user computer vision AI, alongside AI analytics, to improve the customer buying experience both in-store and online.

Using the power of computer vision installed on your CCTV cameras, you can identify customer behaviors and patterns in real-time to do things like:

  • Measure dwell time in front of displays to get the right item in front of customers when they are the most likely to buy
  • Identify peak traffic patterns and walk paths within your store to optimize planograms
  • Protect shoppers and employees through smarter, automated monitoring
  • Minimize product loss and theft through real-time alerts

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What we can do for you

Clarifai makes integration of computer vision AI painless. Simply install our award-winning technology on the computing chips of your CCTV cameras to instantly help count people and objects, highlight certain people of interest, track people as they move in and out of the frame, identify objects, and send alert notifications of defined actions in real-time.


Get in touch and let's talk about how Clarifai's computer vision AI can help solve your retail challenges.

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