Gear Up Your AI: Fine-Tuning LLMs

Ultimate Generative AI Glossary 

Decoding Artificial Intelligence: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Vocabulary of Generative AI

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Riding the AI Wave: A Special Edition of the Ultimate Generative AI Glossary for Today's Innovators

We’re breaking tradition! We were so inspired by the  AI energy in the market today that we wanted to bring you this Special  Edition,  “Ultimate Generative AI Glossary,” instead of waiting until year-end. Filled with terms you need to know, this glossary will help developers, data scientists, and domain experts understand and make sense of the whirlwind of jargon that has invaded our daily lives.  

Whether you need to differentiate FMs from LLMs or fine-tuning from few-shot learning, our glossary helps navigate commonly used terms to help accelerate your generative AI readiness. Enjoy, and we’ll see you again in about six months!