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Getting Started With AI on Edge Devices

See how edge AI is helping organizations and enterprises deploy AI for video intelligence anywhere.

Edge AI is game-changing for customers that need AI-powered video analytics. Edge AI is being used across private and public sector organizations for multiple use cases, including security, supply chain logistics, and quality control.  Join us to explore the top 5 considerations in deploying edge-optimized models.

Edge AI is more than just optimizing frame rates and deployment footprints. The same challenges present when deploying AI models in the cloud are also present on the edge: models still need to be built, tuned, and evolved, and multiple models often need to be composed to build a final solution.

Learn more about:

  • What is an edge device?
  • When to use edge instead of cloud-based AI services
  • Top 5 use cases of edge AI
  • How to plan an edge AI deployment