• Clarifai Partner Program

    AWS Panorama Partner Program

    Enabling computer vision applications at the edge.

Clarifai is proud to be an AWS Panorama Partner.

AWS Panorama is a fully managed cloud service and appliance for building and managing computer vision applications. We're enabling computer vision at the edge to improve quality control and workplace safety workloads onsite in latency-constrained environments.

What is the AWS Panorama partner program?

Enabling computer vision applications at the edge

  • Omni integrates with Clarifai’s end-to-end AI lifecycle platform to allow customers to build, update, and manage computer vision applications through AWS and deploy models across a fleet of onsite cameras and sensors. AWS Omni brings together the benefits of Clarifai and AWS under one umbrella.

  • Analyze video feeds from onsite cameras

    Perform predictions locally

    Facilitate real-time operational decision making

Omni powered by Clarifai helps you gain valuable insights from your unstructured image and video data.


What you can expect

We’ll provide you with a range of tools to help you deploy computer vision and deep training at scale to support your most complex use cases.

  • End-to-end AI lifecycle platform

    Pre-trained model library for AI use case concepts like predictive maintenance, mask detection, fall detection, etc.

    Custom and deep trained models for your unique use cases.

    Build your own models within one AI platform.

    Continuous post-production model learning.

What are the results

Leveraging your untapped video data to

  • Better understand operational performance

    Extend asset life span

    Assure business continuity

    Provide organizational transparency

    Improve response times

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