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100 Clarifai Computer Vision Hacks from Major League Hacking in 2018

By Skip Everling

2018 was a fantastic year for hacking with computer vision! Over the course of the year, Clarifai partnered with Major League Hacking to give students at hackathons around the world access to Clarifai computer vision APIs and the resources to fuel their creativity. Check out 100 of them in this post! And want to get started building your own image recognition app? Sign up for your free Clarifai account here!


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A Few of Our Favorite Hacks

Here are a few of our favorite creative Clarifai hacks from this season.

clarifai favicon Pawsitivity

Pawsitivity chrome extension that uses sentiment analysis to monitor internet behavior and help prevent you from saying overly negative things.

clarifai favicon Chromaptic

Visualizations of the color schemes that best represent cities in the United States.

clarifai favicon Melanoma Kiosk

A low-cost way to identify potentially cancerous skin lesions with Clarifai’s image recognition.

clarifai favicon Imusi

A mobile app that gives you music suggestions based on your environment using image recognition.



The Full List

Below is the complete list of hacks from Clarifai's most recent season with Major League Hacking. Click on a hack name to learn more and meet the creators and the sponsoring hackathon venue.


clarifai favicon Cover it ASAP! – NSFW Predictor

A chrome extension that automatically blurs NSFW images while you browse.


clarifai favicon Getsense

A project that uses Clarifai to monitor your property, to detect if strangers are close to your belongings.


clarifai favicon Juuly the Bear

An app meant to discourage using vape cigarettes in public locations, by recognizing it with the Clarifai API and messaging them on Facebook.


clarifai favicon PillPix

An app that lets you take a picture of medication and identify it, in order to prevent taking the wrong medication.


clarifai favicon Dr. Gram

Uses pictures to identify skin conditions, allergies, bug bites, and many other symptoms – then recommends remedies!


clarifai favicon FitterU

Makes you stay accountable on your diet through image recognition and machine learning.


clarifai favicon Grace

A smart fashion assistant that uses object detection.


clarifai favicon Snap Nutrients

Gives you nutritional information on food after you take a picture of it.


clarifai favicon Orion Data

Recommends videos for consumers and gives valuable analytics for video creators.


clarifai favicon Fresh Bite

A smart meal planner that offers recipe recommendations based on the food you have.


clarifai favicon Recipic

Allows you to take pictures of ingredients for information on how to work with them.


clarifai favicon TD American Sign Language Helper

A sign language to English voice converter, for easier communication.


clarifai favicon Healthy Bridge

Bridges the gap between doctors and patients in order to combat mental illness, via Clarifai.


clarifai favicon Invisualize

A tool that analyzes investment trends and gives recommendations based on them.


clarifai favicon IYIFX

Measures users' emotional states based on Instagram posts.


clarifai favicon Senti

A chrome extension that monitors emotional states when browsing websites.


clarifai favicon CaneNine

An IoT cane for the visually impaired that automatically detects the environment and guides the user.


clarifai favicon Melanoma Kiosk

A low-cost way to identify potentially cancerous skin lesions with Clarifai’s image recognition.


clarifai favicon YummyTummy

Lets you take a picture of food at restaurants and identify ingredients.


clarifai favicon DermaPal

Identifies acne with Clarifai and provides treatment ideas as well as product recommendations.


clarifai favicon Instagram Tag Generator

Auto-generates tags for Instagram posts.


clarifai favicon Recipe-Thyme

Generates recipes for ingredients you have on hand via a photo.


clarifai favicon Identi-Flower

Identifies flowers based on photos.


clarifai favicon In Good Hands Insurance

Allows users to quickly raise insurance claims based on photos.


clarifai favicon Soyboy

Identifies pictures that contain soylents.


clarifai favicon WhosThere

Identifies if a stranger is at the user's door.


clarifai favicon Image 2 Haiku

Auto-generates a haiku based on a picture.


clarifai favicon Gophar

Takes photos and makes travel recommendations based on the content of them.


clarifai favicon RU You?

A hardware device that only allows permitted users to access candy.


clarifai favicon SkinSthetic

Analyzes skin imperfections and give recommendations for how to treat them.


clarifai favicon Kalories

A more convenient calorie logger that logs just based on photos.


clarifai favicon President Finder

Uses your demographic info to determine how likely you are to become president.


clarifai favicon FoodScanner

Gives you a nutritional breakdown of food based on your a photos of your food.


clarifai favicon Pawsitivity

A chrome extension that uses sentiment analysis to monitor internet behavior.


clarifai favicon Diagnosis App

An app that identifies illnesses based on visible symptoms.


clarifai favicon CrowdBit

Crowdsources machine learning resources from public users.


clarifai favicon SocialmedAI

Uses machine learning to caption Instagram photos.


clarifai favicon Calorie Camera

Counts calories based on photos of food.


clarifai favicon CarTrack

Tracks suspicious cars via photos.


clarifai favicon CLAIRvoyant

Uses Clarifai to tell you a story based on a photo.


clarifai favicon Inspirational Image Search

Uses the Clarifai API to find photos that the user might love.


clarifai favicon Fusion

Uses computer vision to help hard of hearing users.


clarifai favicon Unravel Travel

Based on a URL of a locale, finds popular tourist destinations for the user.


clarifai favicon Doggo Spotto

Categorizes dogs based on their fluff status.


clarifai favicon HowBad

Uses machine learning to calculate the damage inflicted on a car.


clarifai favicon IoT Smart Trash Can

Automatically sorts types of garbage with machine learning.


clarifai favicon Nickify

A service that allows you to replace faces in pictures with any additional image selected by the user.


clarifai favicon Kalorimate

A chatbot that uses image recognition to identify food ingredients and then provides nutrition information for your meal.


clarifai favicon Meme Market

A fun and educational way for young people to learn about investing by trading memes with other users.


clarifai favicon Stepify

A web app paired with a camera device that documents falls to help the elderly and visually-impaired regain independence.


clarifai favicon Agrobuddy

A robot that can navigate through fields and fetch data like soil structure and crop data to estimate the health of a crop.


clarifai favicon Foodies

An app that gives users recommendations of other items to buy based on their purchase history and pictures of items.


clarifai favicon Valyou

A web app that calculates an overall general diversity score for a website using computer vision and web scraping.


clarifai favicon Fridge Me Up Inside

An application that lets you take pictures of your fridge and find recipes based on the ingredients you already have.


clarifai favicon Y'eat

A mobile app that allows restaurants to easily donate leftover food by taking pictures and connecting with food banks.


clarifai favicon Elementbook

A machine learning model that determines the ingredients in a food from its image.


clarifai favicon Snapability

A mobile app to help the visually impaired use and experience social media, using computer vision to describe images.


clarifai favicon Wo-Hack

A mobile scavenger hunt game that uses image recognition to give the user hints to find the next item.


clarifai favicon Picture for the Blind Program

A mobile app that helps the visually impaired use their phone to describe items in front of them.


clarifai favicon AllProcessedImages

A tool that uses image recognition to convert street-view maps into a searchable database.


clarifai favicon Imusi

A mobile app that gives you music suggestions based on your environment using image recognition.


clarifai favicon DTDY: Do That Dish Yourself

A mobile app that lets users identify what other people are eating so they can order it or cook it themselves.


clarifai favicon Tell me the drink

A web application that uses image recognition to identify cocktails and provides recipes.


clarifai favicon Scantry

A mobile app that acts as a pantry inventory management tool.


clarifai favicon Clarifairy

A searchable database that allows users to quickly find images stored on their computers using keywords.


clarifai favicon GFood

A mobile app that allows users to flip through images of food, and then receive a text with the location of that food.


clarifai favicon Check out my watch a ma callit

A web app that uses CV to identify everyday objects for school children and people with Alzheimers.


clarifai favicon Chro map tic

A website with visualizations of the color schemes that best represent cities in the United States.


clarifai favicon Anilog

A web app that lets users search for animals closest to their location.


clarifai favicon Amber

A system which connects cameras to street lights and, using image recognition, changes traffic signals based on actual traffic.


clarifai favicon SwaipuWaifu

A deep learning model trained on data scraped from a user's Tinder swipes to automate the swiping process.


clarifai favicon MagicMushroom

A web app that uses image recognition to tell a user whether a mushroom they find is edible or not.


clarifai favicon Super Fit

A gamified health and fitness tracking mobile app that uses image recognition to record food.


clarifai favicon Picturlate

A mobile app that allows users to tap pictures of common objects and then translates the name of the item into different languages.


clarifai favicon Western University Recycle Bot

A chat bot that allows you to easily figure out what items are recyclable and which are not.


clarifai favicon Path Tracing

A website that uses machine learning technology to track potential criminal paths through CCTV systems.


clarifai favicon Keep Fresh

A mobile app that lets you identify food and keep track of expiration dates of items in your refrigerator and pantry.


clarifai favicon

A mobile app providing machine-learning visual recognition of wildlife to aid Canadian environmental stewardship.


clarifai favicon DeliverooSim

An online game where the user plays as a Deliveroo delivery partner to deliver food using Google street maps.


clarifai favicon ForgotMeNot

A mobile app that uses image recognition and visual stimuli to help early onset Alzheimer's patients remember daily tasks.



Get Started With Clarifai

Whew, that's a lot of hacks! And it's a fraction of all the ways Clarifai is being used today.

Have an idea for a computer vision project? Take inspiration from these folks and give it your best hack! Clarifai has a free tier for small projects, like those featured above. Sign up for your own account here!


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