September 29, 2023

50 Llama apps in 72 hours with Clarifai

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50_72What an exciting time to be a part of the LLM world! Last month, we partnered with to host the Llama 2 Hackathon with Clarifai. The hackathon was designed to nurture creativity in developing AI-first products using Meta's powerful Llama 2 LLM, with 7B, 13B, or 70B parameter variants. If you haven’t heard already, Clarifai makes it very easy to access Llama 2 models.

The Llama 2 Hackathon with Clarifai brought together developers, engineers, and data scientists from various backgrounds to build innovative LLM apps using Llama 2 and Clarifai. A total of 1,765 enthusiasts comprising 227 teams registered, resulting in an impressive 51 project submissions spanning multiple domains, including enterprise applications, content creation, fashion, health, and research/knowledge retrieval. Read on to check out some very creative apps.

Why build LLM apps with Clarifai

Clarifai makes it easy for you to build LLM or any AI apps producing enterprise-grade AI at scale. As a full stack AI platform, Clarifai has the latest open-source and commercial LLMs and includes a vector database, workflows to link multiple models together, and UI modules. Clarifai also provides integrated data preparation, import, model building, and training solutions handled via a user-friendly UI or APIs. No matter what you need, Clarifai’s got your back! Explore the platform to learn more about Clarifai’s extensive feature library.

Examples of LLM apps built

The hackers did a great job building some very interesting apps with creative uses. Lots of ideas around content creation, so creators and artists can easily build graphics, stories, slide decks, and more! Nice to see so many applications for health care as well. Hackers used Llama 2 to solve health issues around nutrition, psychology, medications, skin, hair, and more! We’ve listed a few here.

Enterprise Applications

  • PropLlama.AI (Real Estate) - An intelligent real estate platform that provides a seamless and enjoyable property search experience through advanced technologies like Llama chat models, Clarifai, and Langchain, accessible to anyone without technical knowledge.
  • AI Resource Manager (Project Management) - Uses Llama-2 and Clarifai to analyze employee skills and project needs, providing recommendations to help project managers optimally allocate resources across multiple projects.
  • GitChat (Coding) - Enables natural conversational understanding of complex codebases by linking GitHub repositories with chatbots powered by language models that can explain and reason about code through plain English queries.
  • Llama2 GPT CodePilot (Coding) - A VSCode extension that utilizes CodeLlama-7B-Instruct-GPTQ to generate relevant documentation and code suggestions within the editor interface, enhancing developer productivity by eliminating context switching.
  • AIT-Marki (Marketing) - MARKI integrates human creativity with AI optimized for emotional engagement to generate personally tailored, performance-tracked marketing content aligned with behavioral science and limbic drivers.
  • RecruitLlama (Recruitment) - leverages advanced AI like llama to revolutionize recruitment through personalized candidate experiences and streamlined employer processes, overcoming traditional inefficiencies via intelligent sourcing, resume parsing, candidate scoring, and tailored engagement.

Content Creation

  • Convo Clips - A video creation platform that uses conversational AI to simplify editing, allowing users to chat with an assistant who understands natural language requests and automatically updates the canvas.
  • Story GPT - Uses AI to generate fictional stories, novels, screenplays, educational content, games, and more, but still faces challenges with safety and costs before wide deployment.
  • QuakeAI - Leverages LLMs, music generation, and voice generation to enable authors, writers, and content creators to easily generate audiobooks and soundtrack videos from written stories and ideas with AI-generated narration and background music
  • PoeticaPic - Uses image filtering, text overlays, and AI-generated narratives to transform photos into imaginative works of art that capture the essence of treasured moments.
  • LlamaScriptAI - Leverages AI to generate scripts, visual prompts, and narration from simple prompts, streamlining the video creation process.
  • Dreamscribe - Utilizes AI to expand upon users' dream journal entries for creative content creation like stories and videos, offering dream insights and visualization while promoting self-discovery.
  • Smash Tags - This AI-powered solution leverages advanced models like Llama 2 and BLIP-2 to optimize social media content across platforms through automated audio transcription, image-to-text conversion, and contextual hashtag and caption generation.
  • SlideDeck AI - Allows users to generate full presentation slide decks by first leveraging AI to create outlines and content from a topic description, structuring the content into JSON, and finally transforming it into a PowerPoint file while providing supplemental topical resources and concept art.
  • StoryCraft - This app innovatively generates stories from text and images, enriches them with AI-narrated audio, and suggests customized hashtags to maximize reach, redefining multimedia storytelling experiences.


  • Styloscope - Uses advanced algorithms to turn clothing images into vivid descriptions, provide personalized stylist recommendations, and generate complete outfit visualizations to empower users' style choices.
  • DermVision AI - Uses generative AI to provide personalized skincare product insights and recommendations from uploaded images to help consumers make informed skincare decisions.
  • FLAIR - Uses LLaMa to provide fashion influencers with AI-generated outfit recommendations and explanatory reasoning to assist content creation across social media platforms.


  • Nutrition Guru - An application that analyzes nutrition labels and informs users about the health effects of packaged foods and beverages in simple terms would address the problem of people lacking the knowledge to interpret complex nutritional information.
  • PharmOgle - The medication assistant app utilizes computer vision, LLM, LangChain, and supports 39 medicines, helping people ask questions and learn about their medications.
  • AI Virtual Psychologist - Uses Meta's Llama and Clarifai to provide 24/7 accessible and affordable personalized mental health support, aiming to revolutionize access to therapy.
  • FoodFusion - Utilizes Clarifai's image recognition and Llama2's language generation to identify ingredients from photos and suggest creative recipes tailored to those ingredients, revolutionizing home cooking through an AI-powered culinary assistant.
  • SkinSkan - AI Dermagnosis leverages deep learning to accurately identify and classify various skin conditions from dermoscopic images through an intuitive interface, assisting medical professionals in rapidly delivering precise diagnoses and treatment advice.
  • Llama-2 Reasoning Support - Assists healthcare providers with diagnostic thinking by listing a range of possible diagnoses from symptoms.
  • Llama HairSense - Leverages visual AI analysis and language models to simplify hair care knowledge acquisition through automatic hair type identification and personalized recommendations, bridging the gap between accurate routines and convenience.

Research/Knowledge Retrieval 

  • DocuChat - Utilizes natural language processing and LLMS integration to enable interactive, conversational engagement with PDF documents that facilitates more dynamic and effective learning.
  • ResearchoBot - SynthResearch grasps the core concepts, uncovers hidden connections, and presents them clearly and meaningfully. Our interactive visualizations breathe life into complex data, allowing you to explore relationships and trends.
  • Definitely Not Jarvis - Leverages Clarifai's LLama2 to provide instant, accurate responses to a wide range of user queries through seamless Slack integration, continuously expanding its knowledge base.
  • Translingo - The multilingual communication app translates sentences in any language into English and suggests similar sentences to help users overcome language barriers and assist in learning new languages.
  • Reblog - Utilizes Llama2 to create an interactive blog with real-life examples that generates titles, descriptions, tags, video explanations, workflow images, and related resources to promote understandable and creative scientific exploration.
  • Human Emulation Systems - This project creates a cloud-hosted AI platform with dual hemisphere brain-inspired models, a mediating model, and an accessible interface to deliver nuanced analytical and creative reasoning.
  • Brianzy - Enhances online content comprehension through AI-generated mind maps and summaries of webpages from URLs, alongside an interactive LLama2-powered chatbot that allows users to discuss further and clarify the content.
  • Introspective Workflow Generation Clarifai Llama2 - This project leverages Clarifai's platform to build customizable enterprise AI assistants via generated workflows, metadata ingestion, prompt engineering, orchestration, microservices, CI/CD, monitoring, caching, Airflow, and iterative enhancements for flexibility and efficiency.

The list doesn’t end here. More information about all the submitted concepts, prototypes, and pitches is on the submission page here. Congratulations to all the hackers who came together to make it a success.

Join us for the next hackathon

This was our first hackathon using generative AI and LLMs, and the great ideas, energy, and collaboration from all hackers involved helped us realize this to a greater level than we could've hoped. We were delighted and surprised by both the number and quality of the submissions.

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