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Inside ClarifaiHQ: Welcome Kristin Shevis, Our New Chief Customer Officer

By Kristin Shevis

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our #Clarifam! Kristin Shevis is Clarifai’s new Chief Customer Officer, leading our sales, marketing, customer success, and support teams to make the Clarifai customer experience the best in the world! Get to know more about Kristin in her Clarifai blog debut!

Awe, incredulity, amazement are all synonyms for Astonishment, which happens to be one of Clarifai’s eight company values, as well as the feeling I had upon joining Clarifai as its first Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Within the first 30 seconds of meeting Matt Zeiler, our founder and CEO, I was given the explanation of why astonishment is an important differentiator and then blown away by a demonstration of the power of the Clarifai platform. It’s no secret that AI is a hot area for big tech companies, but I wasn’t prepared for how ‘astonishing’ Clarifai, the foremost independent AI startup, would be.

Having spent the past three years in Customer Experience (CXP) space, I’m really excited to bring Astonishment to our customers in the Business to Developer (B2D) space and for the opportunity that visual recognition technology has to solve business problems in the enterprise market. As a leader in computer vision, Clarifai is solving this problem with an accessible and clean visual recognition API that allows any developer to easily customize visual recognition models for their own unique business case. There has been a shift in the market with the empowerment of developers as innovators, who are often the initial buyers in many organizations. Ensuring that developers have excellent documentation, as well as differentiated and human interactions with our platform and company is a priority. Equally as important is communicating the business benefits and providing the ability for large enterprises to quickly and easily leverage our core platform to organize their own unique content and data at scale, to delight their customers.

As such, here are three steps that companies, especially ones with lots of visual content, should consider when leveraging AI to improve CXP and ultimately, astonish customers:

MOD: Moderate —-> Organize —-> Delight
Step 1: Moderate: Protect your brand and platform from unwanted content while ensuring compliance with your terms of service

Many online businesses must manually monitor their online presence for Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, and for companies with a lot of user-generated visual content, this can be a laborious and expensive effort. Furthermore, not doing a thorough job of this could result in legal implications, such as offering illegal content for sale as well as a poor customer experience. Imagine if you were on your favorite online marketplace looking for a Sesame Street gift item and more mature or inappropriate content appeared in the results. A lack of trust with the online retailer would certainly be one of many poor reactions. Several Clarifai customers started by building applications via our API to manage this problem. A great example of this is Disqus, which powers online commenting for over three million sites.

Step 2: Organize: Manage and curate content for operational efficiency gains
Once compliance concerns are being managed, companies can start to scale their efforts and improve the efficiency of their team by building applications on the API that manage large volumes of content by automating tagging and organizing. Customers like Staples and Style Me Pretty, are able to handle processing >10X the amount of content with the same resources and improve the accuracy of the tagging process. There is significant financial return in this, as building a team to manually handle processing this content can quickly turn into a million dollar investment. As content generation continues to grow at an astonishing pace – 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute to YouTube and 95 Million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day – businesses will require AI to scale with large amounts of third party, user generated, and proprietary visual content.

Step 3: Delight: Improve CXP to increase sales and improve brand loyalty
Online marketplaces have a huge opportunity to increase CXP by leveraging AI technology to help users find the right content, resulting in increased sales, long-term loyalty and word of mouth recommendations. FOAP, a photography marketplace, leverages Clarifai’s technology to scale its marketplace and improve the experience forboth buyers and sellers. Best described, creating content is fun, managing it is not. By taking the manual effort out of tagging content, both content creators and content consumers win. As David Los of FOAP eloquently says, “Clarifai saves us time and money, eliminates manual keywording, and creates a user experience that our customers love. It’s amazing how Clarifai’s solution “just works.” Plus, their customer service is amazing!”

As CCO, my goal is to ensure our developer community and enterprise customers are getting the most out of our platform with tangible and measurable results. We’ll be regularly monitoring feedback, improving our online community and delivering an excellent experience via our technology and team, to ensure that our customers and their customers are experiencing astonishment. Here are three ways to engage with our team and technology.

Our goal is to amaze and delight by providing a flexible and customizable platform and a positive experience for our developers, customers, and ultimately their customers. Simply put, every time you see our product or experience the use of our product via one of our customers, we want you to be astonished.

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