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    A research and consulting company that applies a unique behavioral framework and decades of category expertise to define and diagnose factors that influence consumer brands. They help companies make better and smarter marketing decisions by defining and diagnosing shopper behaviors that drive growth and brand loyalty.

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Their customers' corporate brand and design teams had to spend a number of hours going through design sprints where they draft and refine package designs. There are numerous iterations. When a finished prototype is ready for the corporate insights teams to review, it sometimes fails validation testing because there is no time to include a consumer review of the project. As a result, the company wanted a quick, cost-effective method to include consumer input into the design process.



The company chose Clarifai's AI platform because of their AI visual search and image recognition technology capabilities.  This allowed their brand and design teams to mine their extensive behavioral database of over 10,000 package and shelf designs to determine their best route for success. With AI image recognition, they were able to replicate the consumer decision making process based on their behavioral framework.


Clarifai’s consistent communication throughout the implementation resulted in a smooth deployment that was completed in two weeks. As a result, the company was able to develop and launch an innovative, digital-first tool that quickly impressed their key clients.

  • Clarifai’s platform helped us build an application that empowered us to leverage our extensive behavioral database for our customers. Their image recognition technology helped us replicate the consumer decision making process based on our behavioral framework. This has allowed us to go to market with a methodology that serves our clients in the early development process at a speed they didn’t think was even possible.”

    Marketing Director

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