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  • Digital asset management

    Leveraging AI to increase asset search-ability

    Discover how a leading DAM provider improved its metadata tagging functionality for its customers.

  • Background

    A leading digital asset management company based in Switzerland wanted to enhance their asset management platform with AI. Their mission was to help business to business customers effectively manage their assets and reclaim valuable time. 


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    Use Case

    Metadata Generation


    Digital Asset Management


    Digital Asset Management Company


  • Challenge

    The digital asset management company wanted to help their customers by improving the ability to tag and categorize media in order to increase discoverability at the crucial moment of search. They knew their customers struggled to find the right content and spent valuable hours in futile searches. Often times media is tagged by one person who sees things differently than another. For example, one person might tag an image with "scuba diver," while another might simply tag it "diver." The challenge facing the company was to automate the asset tagging process and improve the way user images are labeled and categorized, so they could increase operational efficiency and the elevate the user experience.


The company turned to Clarifai to leverage their computer vision and AI machine learning platform to speed the metadata tagging process and improve accuracy. The digital asset management company ran tests with various AI providers, and Clarifai came out on top; in accuracy, ease of use and the high level of service provided by the company. The performance of Clarifai's pre-trained general model led them to invest in their computer vision and deep learning platform. Now the company has the ability to auto-tag their content with the help of automated metadata generation. Clarifai's AI assisted tagging allows for tagging suggestions that human data annotators may miss.  This improves the quality of the tags and the categorization of digital assets to improve user searches and asset find-ability.


As a result, less time is now spent on tagging their visual media. By clearly identifying the contents of images and videos, Clarifai’s deep learning AI technology has helped the company  enhanced their platform to make it easier and faster for their customers to use its digital asset management platform. 


Improvement in time-to-value of model production


Improvement in metadata tagging accuracy


Reduction in data labeling time

  • Clarifai had impressed us right from the beginning: the platform is easy to use, there world-class researchers were helpful and provided clear API documentation, and is delivering great results. The company has helped us deliver an excellent time-saving, light and efficient AI solution to our customers."

    Marketing Manager

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