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    Building a bigger, better visual search solution using AI

    How a premier online destination for event inspiration provided more relevant and faster search for their users.

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    A premier online destination for event  inspiration, garners over 250,000 views a month. They receive content from over 600 events a week from professional photographers and event vendors with anywhere from 150 to 260 photos per event.

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The company was receiving over 100,000 images per week from event  vendors, but were only able to publish 10% of those images. This was because a vast amount of  images received included captions, but no other information or metadata attached. At such volumes, it was nearly impossible for them to manually review each image and then tag and categorize them appropriately. As a result, the company needed to find a way to speed the organization and curation of relevant photos for their users across all their marketing channels, not just their website.




To relieve the burden of manual tagging, the  company chose the Clarifai platform for its AI automated data labeling capabilities. The platform automatically applied relevant tags to images when they were uploaded to their platform. Not only did this save time and resources, but also allowed them to scale their content operations, improve their visual search solution, and deliver more relevant and deeper search results for users.



With Clarifai, the company was able to tag 100,000 uploads a week to build and support their event user community. Automatic tagging allowed them to label images with appropriate metadata to increase their library of editorial content in order to grow their user community, build stronger partnerships with event organizers, and improve user engagement.


Increase in the volume of images tagged per week


Reduction in website bounce rates

4 hours

Needed for integration Clarifai platform

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