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Foap uses Clarifai’s computer vision technology to organize and curate user-generated content and to automatically tag photos users upload with relevant keywords.

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more tags per image

40 hours

per week saved in manual tagging work


Improved User Experience


Foap is a fast-growing photograpy marketplace that receives thousands of new user-uploaded photos every day. To connect brands with the images they’re looking for, Foap had to find a way to tag all these photos and make them easily searchable consistently.


Because most of Foap’s photos come from individual photographers, the tags and metadata attached are often inconsistent. For example, an image of a dog might be tagged “dog”, or it might be tagged “fuzzy waggy tail fur baby”. They needed a solution that could “see” each image and apply the appropriate tags accurately and consistently.


Foap is a marketplace, so it servers both buyers and sellers. With image recognition, Foap wanted to come up with new and exciting ways to add value to both categories of their users.



Foap uses Clarifai’s computer vision solution to scale its marketplace and improve the user experience for both buyers and sellers.


When a user uploads an image to Foap, the app automatically suggests relevant tags for every image using the Clarifai API. Users still have the option to add their tags as well. That way, Foap ensures consistency across user-generated content from different creators but also allows for creativity and flexibility in the tags.


Clarifai’s tags are also baked into the Foap app’s search so that brands and photographers can find precisely what they’re looking for. Now, not only is it easier for photographers to manage their portfolios and make their offerings more attractive, it’s also easier to surface the right content to buyers so they make more purchases.


Foap’s founder, David Los, implemented Clarifai as a cornerstone of his product for its accuracy, flexibility, and affordability. With a team of five developers, David was able to get Clarifai’s core model up and running in only a couple hours and a few lines of code. By investing in Clarifai, David’s team saved 40 hours per week in manual keywording and moderation.