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    Improving metadata description accuracy with AI and computer vision

    How a media agency scaled its stock photography platform using AI-driven metadata generation to support the world’s premier brands.

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    A digital media and advertising company located in Europe came to Clarifai to see how they could improve their asset discoverability for their enterprise customers. The agency’s platform was used to help some of the world's best known brands and agencies find and license authentic visual content, directly from social media users.

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    Media and Digital Advertising Agency



Before using Clarifai, the agency struggled to generate accurate tags for the images they sourced from social media. Using an in-house algorithm, they scanned user descriptions and hashtags to create relevant keywords. This method was problematic, because there was no universal taxonomy for social media users to describe their image (and some images didn't even include a description). Without accurate keywords, the images wouldn't appear when their customers searched the platform.

It was vital for the agency to find a solution to make their visual content discoverable. Manually scanning and tagging images internally was not an option, as the business expected to be sourcing billions of images in the near future. For this reason, the agency executives reached out to Clarifai to see how AI-driven metadata tagging could help.





The agency tested several solutions, including open-source, but partnered with Clarifai because of the high level of image description accuracy achieved through its deep learning AI lifecycle platform. With Clarifai found a metadata generation solution that would automatically identify and describe visual content at scale. 



By leveraging the Clarifai AI lifecycle platform and its AI automated data labeling, the agency was able to speed its metadata generation by 100x from its previous solution with the most accurate descriptions. This helped scale their business by giving them the confidence to connect with more social media sources and offer their customers a greater range of images to use in their brand and campaigns. Integrating an efficient AI metadata generation solution has empowered the team to re-invest their time developing new products to further grow their business.


Improvement in metadata tagging time-to-value


Increase in asset offerings for customers


Savings from reducing hiring of manual resources 

  • “It’s easier for customers to find exactly what they want, thanks to the searchability of visual descriptions provided by the Clarifai API. We have now scaled our platform to make millions of social media images easily discoverable for our world class premier brand and advertising customers”


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