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    Use Computer Vision AI to Better Organize and Curate User Generated Content

    See how an international software company used AI to help organize and curate photos from 33 million daily users.

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  • Background

    A popular mobile photo editing app company in China offers its users the ability to add text and effects to their mobile images. This popular Chinese photo editing app has used Clarifai's software to engage its 33 million users.

  • Information

    Use Case

    Metadata generation




    International mobile app company



The international software company identified an opportunity to build a single-step picture processing technique based on the content of the photo itself. They already had a large volume of text templates and photo filters, so they looked for ways to simplify the steps it took users to turn an ordinary photo into something beautiful.




They chose Clarifai for its computer vision and AI platform to build a single step picture processing application. Using Clarifai’s AI automated data labeling to organize and curate photos, they automated the ability to make edit suggestions to users based on the image content. With their vast catalog of text and filter templates, users no longer had to choose the best fit for their image. The application was doing the work for them and adding the most appropriate filters, text and stickers to user images.


Clarifai is helping the company manage its rapidly growing user base by automating the millions of filter, text and sticker combinations possible in the company’s app based on the contents of user photos. The company mentioned that their users are happier with the new innovation and are becoming more engaged. 


Increase in data labeling accuracy


Growth in user commmunity


Improvement in time-to-value for curating photos

  • With Clarifai, our users can automatically turn their most ordinary photos into extraordinary content with filters, text, and stickers."

    Head of Marketing

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