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  • Online travel booking Company

    Use AI Auto Tagging to Improve Asset Naming Consistency

    How an online travel reservation company used computer vision to surface more accurate content for customers.

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  • Background

    One of the world’s largest hotel search and a popular online travel booking site, with over 140 million user hotel reviews and more than 15 million photos turned to Clarifai for help in improving its metadata generation accuracy. The company is in the business of compiling room rates from numerous booking websites onto a singular platform. This focuses the shoppers/users onto one site, reducing the need to browse multiple sites and thereby eliminating many distractions that would otherwise slow or even impede the purchasing process. The company makes money from subscription fees and from referral revenue — where hotels are charged on a cost-per-click basis.

  • Information

    Use Case

    Metadata generation


    Travel and hospitality


    Leading online travel booking website



The travel booking company wanted to find a way to auto-tag professional photos from hotels on its platform. They wanted to make it easy for their site visitors to search and browse every image by category to find their ideal place to stay.




The company used Clarifai’s deep learning AI platform and its pre-trained travel model to consistently auto-tag images to improve the search-ability of the images sent to their platform by hotel chains to promote their properties. The Clarifai travel model recognizes specific features of residential, hotel, and travel-related properties (e.g., pools, patios). Clarifai trained a model with 10 million tagged images provided by the company. The model is now posted publicly on Clarifai’s public model gallery.


The travel booking company now saves time and money by using Clarifai’ platform for visual similarity search and automated data annotation to produce more accurate metadata results. With Clarifai’s travel recognition model, the company is now able to tailor images to a traveler’s specific needs. Within 1 month of using Clarifai’s visual recognition technology, the company had seen a 10% reduction in visitor bounce rates and a 15% increase in their conversion rate and improved customer find-ability as a result of more accurate metadata tags. These results have translated into a bump in profits across the business, enabling the company to expand the technology team and explore new ways to offer exceptional experiences to their customers.


Increase in shopper conversion rate 


Improvement in data labeling productivity and accuracy


Reduction in website visitor bounce rates

  • Clarifai’s computer vision and deep learning AI lifecycle platform offered AI-assisted metadata tagging and a pre-trained travel model which improved image find-ability and the overall user experience for our online audience.”

    Head of Digital Marketing

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