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    Improve Product Search and Discoverability with AI Metadata Generation

    See how a leading online clothing retailer improved search results using AI automated data labeling.

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    An online peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling women’s designer fashion items, serves millions of customers who are looking to share their closets. Over the last five years, they have grown to a $74.5 million company. They've been able to stand out among other clothing resellers in the growing reselling industry by offering a wider range of product styles and sizes as well as improving the user experience.

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    Online Peer-to-Peer Fashion Marketplace



With user-generated content playing a significant role in selling their products, the company needed a solution that would provide a highly scalable system for exploring user-generated content and images. In order to increase user engagement and boost conversions in their online marketplace, they needed to improve product search recommendations and the user experience.  They also needed to ensure the quality of their moderation of user-generated images. Often times, the images provided were low quality and sometimes contained inappropriate content.




The company used Clarifai’s AI platform and automated data labeling to categorize and tag images in order to surface better product recommendations. They also used Clarifai’s moderation models to ensure the quality and find and eliminate inappropriate content that may have been uploaded by users.


The company enhanced product SEO and onsite search capabilities, resulting in increased conversions from more relevant search and product recommendations. High-end handbag brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci were tagged with a 98% accuracy, providing greater consistency in listings and resulting in increased conversions from more relevant search results.


Increase in images tagged over manual efforts

40 hours

Savings in manual tagging time per week



Accuracy of speciality handbag labeling


  • Clarifai’s computer vision platform automatically categorized our user uploads and surfaced results in searches. This, in turn, enhanced our product SEO and our onsite search capabilities, resulting in increased conversions from more relevant search results."

    Head of Digital Marketing

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