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Seamlessly Integrated, Effortlessly Deployed

No matter where you want to apply computer vision AI, Clarifai has you covered. Clarifai is accessible via Cloud API integration, secure On-Premise service, and as embedded Edge SDKs. Clarifai can integrate into your tech stack big or small.


API Cloud

Integrate machine learning into your business in no time flat with just a few lines of code.
  • Most cost effective for small-moderate volume
  • Fastest time to value
  • No maintenance required
  • Open development platform


Run AI on your own secure servers and manage the apps and services you build on top of it.
  • Maintain the privacy of your data
  • Real-time systems provide reduced latency
  • Scaleable service with API interface
  • Richer customization and flexibility for your projects


Run AI on devices with zero lag, online or offline, to build mobile apps that get more accurate with each user.
  • Embed Clarifai into your Edge devices for local compute applications
  • Link with Clarifai platforms to train custom models and deploy directly to the Edge
  • OS platform native SDK interfaces
  • Developer support

Clarifai Cloud API

The Clarifai API offers image and video recognition as a service. Whether you have one image or billions, you are only steps away from using AI to help you recognize your visual content.

What Can I Do with the Clarifai API?


Instantly Get Started

The API can be instantly accessed after you sign up for an API key. Customers can get started with computer vision AI and train a model in a matter of minutes; rather than spending weeks to build a production-ready in-house solution.

Access the Clarifai Platform

Everything you can do with Clarifai— custom training models to visual search to inferencing can be done with the API at your fingertips.

Clarifai On-Premise Deployment

Clarifai On-Premise deployment enables access to Clarifai’s platform services hosted within customers infrastructure environments to provide data privacy and reduced latency.



Maintain Data Privacy

Customers can run classification and detections models directly on their hardware or cloud. As a result, data never leaves the customer’s walls.

Low Latency

On-Premise enables real-time application development at scale, hosting Clarifai platform services wherever your application is computed.

Customized Model Deployments

Take advantage of having tailored-made model deployments that are very specific to your unique needs, whatever the hardware or compute constraints you to work with.

Stay Relevant with the Latest in AI

No need to worry about staying on top of current AI trends, Clarifai handles the maintenance and updates that On-Premise customers can access, ensuring they always have the latest and greatest technologies for their specific business need.

Clarifai Edge SDKs

With the power of Clarifai’s computer vision AI, customers can enable their devices to learn from and respond to individual environments both online and offline, creating the ultimate personalized experience for the end user. Clarifai’s technology allows a whole generation of new product categories, transforms interactions between businesses and customers, and improves workflows across all industries.

What Can I Do with the SDK?


Work Online or Offline

Whether you’re connected to the cloud or not, run on-device AI inference on all of your imagery data.

Low Latency, Zero Lag

With computer vision inferencing, on-device images and videos can be processed instantaneously for a better, faster user experience.

Distributed Knowledge Platform

Connect to the internet to retrain your models and deploy to your devices to make every device in your ecosystem smarter.

Enterprise Support & Services

Our solutions engineers and data strategists can help you achieve any business goal with our Android or iOS SDKs.

Customizable Models

Looking for something in particular? Let’s work together to design a solution for your problem to then access it from the API.