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Guide to Content Moderation and AI

Everything you need to know to integrate AI into your content moderation workflows.

Improve the speed and accuracy of your content moderation with AI

When user-generated content (UGC) is often discussed, its definition is narrowed to purely social media shares. UGC is everything from the profiles people build on dating apps to products listed for sale on online marketplaces to reviews on travel websites. Wherever there is an upload button, moderation is needed.

Businesses face concerns and challenges when trying to institute or evolve their content moderation strategy. This guide helps provide the foundation for addressing those challenges and the next steps for incorporating  AI into your content moderation workflows.

Learn more about:

  • Content moderation techniques
  • Creating custom taxonomy 
  • Developing a content moderation strategy
  • Benefits of automating moderation
  • Pre-trained models for moderating different data types
  • and more...