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How to Use Computer Vision AI to Improve Visual Inspection

Detect and classify equipment anomalies with greater accuracy faster to identify potential failures earlier and maximize equipment uptime.

Improve manual inspection efforts and maximize operational uptime

Learn how organizations successfully use computer vision to improve visual inspection processes across business processes. See how visual inspection AI enables manufacturers to transform quality control processes by automatically detecting defects and environmental anomalies.

Learn how AI is being used to improve visual inspection for different business use cases. 

  • Heavy Machinery Inspection
    Detect anomalies in equipment parts such as part corrosion, part fatigue, and critical defects to maximize equipment uptime.

  • Aircraft Inspection
    Detect changes in corrosion, paint peeling, blade detonation, and rivet rash to avoid operation interruptions.

  • Manufacturing Production Quality
    Inspect packaging and labels for anomalies, and identify product defects or foreign objects to ensure quality control.

  • Employee Safety
    Monitor live streams for suspicious actions, missing PPE, or potential hazards to improve employee safety and reduce risk.