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Computer vision and image recognition AI is evolving the online shopping experience to match that of brick-and-mortar

From automated tagging to learning customer preferences, our computer vision and machine learning solutions help retail companies streamline the process of getting products in front of customers. Upgrade your customer experience, drive conversions and stay one step ahead of your competitors using computer vision.


Automated product tagging


Visual search


Similar product recommendations

AI-driven solutions for e-commerce retailers

Automated product tagging

With computer vision and recognition, improving product tagging accuracy is simple and quick and not only saves you time, but money. The result? Improved SEO. Make it easy for your customers to discover your products online and provide them expanded search results.

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apparel detection of woman in street

grey quotation markClarifai’s results were just as accurate as results we’d seen from humans at agencies. Once I saw how easy Clarifai was to setup and how accurate the AI was, going forward was a no-brainer.

Kyle Duck, SEO Specialist



Visual search

Allow customers to place an image into a search bar and find similar images to showcase more of your products. Connect customers with precisely what they’re looking for through better search using images. Create a free account to try out our visual search solutions.


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Similar product recommendations

Don't let your customers miss out on other items they may like. Our machine learning software discovers patterns in product style and suggests similar products from your website. Maintain customer engagement in situations where an item is out of stock, increase the average basket size and drive more revenue for your online store. 

Learn how we've helped retailers worldwide increase basket sizes by almost 40%.

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similar red and black sneakers

Data annotation services

Need help labeling?

When it comes to annotating images for deep learning, our expert Data Strategists manage the job for you. Fashion annotation can be extremely complex—and our team can accurately tag clothing in over 20 languages. Streamline the process of getting your products on your website with our data strategy team. 

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Apparel Detection Model

Improve your SEO and help customers find items faster. More accurate data labeling and automatic tagging of clothing and accessories can save you time and drive profits.

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Image Classification Model

Upgrade your customer’s shopping experience. Make products more discoverable and relevant by improving tagging accuracy using computer vision AI.

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Moderation Model

Protecting your brand image is paramount. If nudity or drugs end up on your  website or community, you’ll likely lose customers over it. See how easy it is to monitor your content, mitigate risk and maintain your brand integrity with our pre-built model. 

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Custom Model Services

Do you have a business problem you the think computer vision can solve? The sky is the limit with our AI solutions. We offer customized model building solutions for all projects. Contact us to discuss how computer vision can help your company grow.

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See how computer vision AI can solve your business challenges.

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