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Clarifai at
Advantage DoD 24 

February 20-22, 2024 | Washington, DC
Discover new possibilities with Clarifai



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Explore Clarifai's full stack AI platform to empower the U.S. military’s enduring decision advantage.

Generative AI is changing the world of defense and intelligence. Clarifai's computer vision, LLM, and generative AI capabilities can help the DoD build secure and trust-worthy AI applications using a full stack platform that is quick, configurable, collaborative, and easily deployable.

Unlock the power of AI with Clarifai

🚀 Access a wide array of AI tools, including Gen AI: Label data, use pre-trained models, or train your own models within a single platform - whatever you need to build safe, secure, reliable AI.

🚀 Build AI faster: When speed and accuracy of decisions depend on AI, build with a platform that is integrated, trusted, and battle-tested. Building AI applications has never been faster or easier!

🚀 Proven performance: Depend on our years of experience working with the government to deploy AI projects on-prem, in the cloud, in hybrid environments, and edge devices.


Join us at Advantage DoD 24: Defense Data & AI Symposium. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet our experts, explore live demonstrations, and learn how Clarifai can elevate your AI capabilities. 

Visit us at Table 87: Let's shape the future of defense together.

Our onsite team

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Senior Public Sector Account Executive
Jeff Taylor

Several times over the last decade, I have deployed worldwide and seen first-hand how emerging technologies impact real-time missions. This experience drives me to introduce mission-changing capabilities to the public sector, where we can work together to shape outcomes on the battlefield. I believe that intelligence drives operations, and I am fortunate to be able to act as a catalyst in that equation.

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VP of Public Sector Sales
Jonathan Padgett 

With over 29 years in IT sales and advisory roles, I've driven revenue growth and market expansion across sectors like cloud, AI, and security. I specialize in developing strategic partnerships, leading sales teams, and enhancing business development, particularly in challenging environments. My approach focuses on strong relationship building, innovative sales strategies, and effective team mentorship to achieve multimillion-dollar success and market leadership.


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