WEBINAR | AI Prototype to Production: Operationalizing and Orchestrating AI

Automate Data Labeling using Generative AI


Hosted by: Ian Kelk
Panelists: Yuchen Fama and Arman Kizilkale


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Easily automate your textual data labeling with Generative AI models like GPT 3.5


Easily label and prepare your data

Data labeling is a critical stage of data preprocessing for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The quality and accuracy of labeling can make or break the overall performance of a predictive model.

How to get a high-quality labeled dataset quickly?

The introduction of generative AI models from OpenAI, Cohere, and AI21 Labs has changed the way we do data labeling. Join our Product Manager, Ian Kelk, and Developer Advocate, Sumanth Papareddy, to learn how to easily automate data labeling with the latest generative AI models using Clarifai’s platform.

Join us to dive deep into the ever-changing data labeling landscape and follow our step-by-step demonstration to automate your data labeling using generative AI models like GPT-3.5.

In this webinar, learn:


  • Generative AI’s impact on textual data labeling
  • How to label data quickly and accurately using Clarifai’s platform and generative AI models like GPT3.5.
  • How to create and edit workflows on Clarifai’s platform and use regex operators to automate labeling any datasets.






Automated data labeling Using Generative AI

Meet the speakers 

Product Marketing Manager
Clarifai-logo-darkIan Kelk



Ian is a Data scientist, ML enthusiast, musician, entrepreneur. He is the Developer Relations Manager at Clarifai. He is Pursuing Data Science degree at Harvard. Ian has Published papers in NLP and computer vision.

Developer Advocate
Yuchen Fama



Yuchen is the VP of Product at Clarifai, where she oversees product development. Yuchen is a fearless technical leader and avid strategic thinker with a track record of revolutionizing businesses.

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