WEBINAR | AI Prototype to Production: Operationalizing and Orchestrating AI
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Move past the false finish line of AI prototypes and into production.

Do you have AI projects stuck in prototype?


61% of CIOs say their security infrastructure is not ‘AI-ready’*

When teams develop AI prototypes, testing and building applications using the latest technologies can be highly effective and even cost-efficient. However, this promise can also create a sense of a “false finish line,” giving the impression that production-grade applications are around the corner.

Where is your organization struggling to build AI at scale?

Shortage of AI expertise, lack of centralized AI operations and governance, AI sprawl, and cost are major reasons why many AI projects stall and never go beyond prototype.

Join Clarifai's Head of Product Management, Pete Pacent, and Head of Product Marketing, Megan LaFlamme, to learn best practices for operationalizing and orchestrating AI.


*Lenovo Global CIO Report 2024

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Learn About the AI Operating Model

In this webinar, you'll learn about how to move from AI prototypes to production with a focus on day 2 operations. Our experts will share an AI Operating Model that addresses top challenges in deploying AI at scale, including:

  • Centralized Resources: Simplify and safeguard how teams engage with AI through centralized, standard AI application templates and workflows, datasets, governance, and observability.

  • The Ability to Run Any Model, Reliably: Run any model (foundation models, LLMs, vision models, text-to-speech, multimodal, etc.), easily train and fine-tune models, bring your own, and evaluate performance over time.

  • AI-Ready Unstructured Data: Easily integrate with any data across the data landscape and streamline data preparation efforts (e.g., data labeling) for AI applications.

  • Security Controls: Reduce risk of exposing intellectual property, customer data, or private data (financial, PII) with appropriate access controls for people and AI services.

  • Compute Anywhere Capabilities: Run AI anywhere, in any environment (SaaS, hybrid, VPC and on-prem), with the ability to scale automatically and cost effectively for dynamic AI workflows.
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Meet the speakers

Pete Pacent
Pete Pacent

Head of Product

Pete Pacent is a seasoned product development leader with over a decade of experience in cloud, security, AI, and distributed systems. He currently serves as the Head of Product Management at Clarifai where he focuses on helping enterprises operationalize personalized AI solutions.

Megan LaFlamme
Megan LaFlamme

Head of Product Marketing

Megan LaFlamme is a Product Marketing leader with over a decade of experience in AI, security, and data management. Megan currently leads Product Marketing at Clarifai where she helps organizations address top challenges in deploying AI at enterprise scale.