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Make sense of your visual data

Accurately predict what lives within your images and videos with computer vision AI

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Use Your Own Data to Train Custom Models

Clarifai allows organizations to create their own custom computer vision models to serve their own unique business challenges. Custom models can be trained by our own Clarifai specialists or you can choose to train your models on your own.

Models Built to Solve Your Business Problems

Don’t know where to start? Clarifai offers 14 out-of-the-box pre-built models to help you predict what is in your visual data. We have models that help solve common problems that often come up in computer vision. These include:

  • Celebrity
  • NSFW
  • General
  • Face Detection
  • Food
  • Moderation
  • Travel
  • Apparel
  • Color
  • Demographics
  • Face Embedding
  • General Embedding
  • Textures & Patterns
  • Wedding

To explore more about our pre-built models, please visit our model gallery.