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    Clarifai Protects Global Online Community Against Offensive Images, Videos and Text Content

With AI-automated content moderation, Clarifai is helping ChekMarc protect its growing online community and brand.


February 24, 2021 - New York — Clarifai, a leading AI lifecycle platform provider for managing unstructured image, video, and text data, has partnered with ChekMarc, a new global social platform company that allows members to build meaningful connections. Clarifai will help the company moderate their image, video, and text content and protect their global online community from negativity.

chekmarc-tagline“We are happy that ChekMarc has chosen Clarifai to protect its growing online community and brand with AI-automated content moderation,” said Matt Zeiler, Clarifai’s CEO and Founder. “By using our ‘not safe for work’ (NSFW) model, they can filter unwanted content in images, video, and text 100x faster than human moderators and with greater accuracy.”

Using an AI-based approach for content moderation gives ChekMarc the ability to enforce and maintain strict standards around positive content, which in turn ensures a positive experience for its members. Using Clarifai’s text classification model, ChekMarc will also be able to detect and filter profanity, toxic, racist, and threatening text posts in 35 languages and with greater accuracy than any manual review process.

news-chekmarc-clarifai-content-moderationClarifai’s AI-powered content moderation solution also offers multimodal workflows to gain insights from images with embedded text by using computer vision to analyze images, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the image text, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to classify textual images.

“Content moderation is of critical importance to us because of our commitment to create a positive environment within the ChekMarc platform. In order to do this, we needed to find a partner that had the technology and shared this commitment,” said Marc Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of ChekMarc. “After much research and multiple conversations with providers, Clarifai was a natural choice for us because of their investment in AI technology, continuous improvement via research, and overall commitment to creating a safer online experience.”

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About Clarifai

Clarifai offers a leading computer vision, NLP, and deep learning AI lifecycle platform for modeling unstructured image, video, text and audio data. It helps both public sector and enterprise customers solve complex use cases through object classification, detection, tracking, geolocation, facial recognition, visual search and natural language processing. Clarifai offers on-premise, cloud, and bare-metal deployments.

Founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler, Ph.D, Clarifai has been a market leader in AI since winning the top five places in image classification at the 2013 ImageNet Challenge. Clarifai, headquartered in New York City, has raised $40M from top technology investors and is continuing to grow with more than 100 employees and offices in New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Tallinn, Estonia. For more information, please visit www.clarifai.com.

About ChekMarc
Founded in 2020, ChekMarc is a free, global platform that creates and enables members to foster meaningful connections in a secure setting. ChekMarc is currently available in over 35 languages. For more information, please visit ChekMarc.com.




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