• Press Release by Clarifai

    Clarifai Announces New Free AI Collaboration Community

AI leader extends AI platform to empower everyone

New York, July 21
– Clarifai, the leading Artificial Intelligence platform for unstructured image, video, text, and audio data, announced the launch of a new free service – Clarifai Community – designed to empower everyone to create, share and use The World’s AI. Clarifai Community is built on top of Clarifai’s platform for the end-to-end AI lifecycle, which is powerful enough for data scientists, robust enough for developers, and easy enough for no-code business users.

“There are less than 100,000 data scientists that are truly capable of building deep learning technology in the world today,” said Matt Zeiler, Clarifai’s CEO. “This is not enough to genuinely make AI accessible to everyone. Clarifai Community empowers the world’s 50 million software developers and even more non-technical users to solve the world’s hardest problems. This is a transformative idea - and nobody else is as focused on that as we are.”

Clarifai Community promotes sharing the World’s AI resources and fosters collaboration between technical developers, data scientists, and business operators. It is a new highly efficient distribution channel of AI, as it collects the world's best AI resources in one place - accessible through its easy user interface and robust application programming interfaces. It offers models from state-of-the-art AI builders like Clarifai, hyperscalers, academic institutions, and startups – so there is no limit to what users can accomplish using the Clarifai Community. Models can be connected to one another visually into powerful workflows, with drag-and-drop functionality and zero code required. The open Clarifai Community encourages active participation and collaboration from its members, allowing them to create models and workflows and share with others around the world, advancing the reality where all can use and benefit from AI.

The models and workflows are like building blocks with all the implementation details handled by Clarifai, so users can focus on what they are trying to solve instead of both the coding and the Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) expertise required to publish complex models.

For example – without writing any code, users could create workflows that pipe audio transcription into text summarization to create meeting summaries easily. Or take it to another level and use audio transcription for foreign languages and create translated summaries of international news broadcasts. Once these workflows are created, they can easily be shared publicly with the open Clarifai Community, privately within their organizations, or with individual collaborators.

The World’s AI “building blocks” is a transformative idea built upon the best foundation for AI: Clarifai’s end-to-end AI platform for automated data labeling, data management, search, model training, evaluation, and versioning. It scales with production MLOps services and improves continuously with pipelines for active learning.

Additionally, Clarifai is also developing a new product category - the AI Lake. Similar to how a data lake is a centralized repository that stores all structured and unstructured data at any scale, Clarifai AI Lake collects and centralizes all the AI resources of an enterprise within one ecosystem and provides tools for teams to share across the enterprise.

“We are fundamentally redefining how AI gets distributed. We are making the world’s best AI resources available to everyone and letting people contribute their own for unlimited collaboration using no-code tools accessible to all skill levels,” said Alfredo Ramos, Clarifai’s senior vice president of Platform. “We removed the ‘Deploy’ button because it’s no longer needed since our models and resources are always there when you need them. The AI Lake is an enabler for managing all your AI resources -- data, concepts, models, workflows, and more. That allows the creation, sharing, and use of them with fine-grained permissions allowing you to leverage AI with collaborators, teams within large organizations, and now as the world's AI community.”

All major technology leaps and innovative steps forward are the results of the iterative collaboration of many individuals. Gaining unique new insights from the explosive and vast amounts of unstructured data of all types transcends the ability of most humans. By allowing users to efficiently utilize their peers' creations in their own ML pipelines, Clarifai Community can be a shortcut to incredible new technological inventions and products. Visit Clarifai Community


Kathleen Shouldis