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      Use your AWS, Google or Azure cloud. Reduce cloud compute costs with bare metal and air-gapped deployments.


      Infrastructure designed for demanding workflows.



      Private data, training, and inference clusters are available.


      Role base access levels and single sign on for large teams.


      Highest discounts as usage grows, so benefits increase with your success.

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Clarifai offers usage-based pricing for self-serve customers

See our pricing sheet



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Clarifai Community User Pricing


Clarifai Essential Package Pricing


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Clarifai AI Lifecycle Platform Pricing


Minimum monthly usage

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Each paid plan allows users to consume operations at no additional cost up to the package price. Additional operations are charged at the respective unit price per operation. See FAQ for more information (*).

1k operations
1k input objects
1h deep-train

$30 in monthly credits

$300 in monthly credits

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Data Store


An application is like a project.





Image inputs

We support JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, WEBP. Enterprise plans support additional custom formats.

Videos inputs

We support AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, GIF, 3GPP. Enterprise plans support additional custom formats.

Text inputs

We support ASCII text.

Data collectors

Connect data collectors to your workflows to save your production inputs back into your project for incremental training or auto-labeling.

App duplication

Duplicate your entire app, including its inputs, concepts and models.

App reindexing

Change the default workflow for applications to any valid workflow and optionally reindex existing inputs.

Scribe Label

Concepts per app

Add unlimited concepts to your apps.





Labeled concepts

Add unlimited annotations to your apps.





Single label classification

Categorize images, video and text into one category out of many.

Multi label classification

Categorize images, video and text into multiple categories.

Bounding boxes

Draw and annotate bounding boxes around objects of interest.

Multi-point polygons

Plot points on each vertex of a target object.

Video interpolation

Annotate objects across video frames using intelligent frame interpolation.

AI assisted labeling

AI-assisted labeling assigns concepts using pre-built or custom model workflows for faster dataset annotation at scale.

Labeling task management

A variety of workforce management tools that help your company to distribute and manage labeling tasks.

Task assignment rules

Support for full and partitioned worker strategies. In a full worker strategy, each worker labels all inputs selected in the input source. In a partitioned worker strategy, all tasks are divided evenly across workers.

Optimized task review

Powerful Uis optimized for large jobs.

Consensus review

Automatically approve labels when enough worker annotations match.

Spacetime Search

Search by concept

Retrieve images from your dataset by searching for the concepts identified by AI models.Ê

Search by image

Retrieve visually similar images or videos for a given input.

Search by metadata

Retrieve images based on custom metadata.

Search by geo-location

Retrieve images based on longitude, latitude and radius.

Mesh Workflow

Trained models per app

The number of trained models per app.




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Custom workflows

The number of custom workflows per app.





Models in workflow graph

The number of model nodes within a workflow graph.





Image classification models

Create context-based visual concept classification models.

Image detection models

Create context-based visual object detection models.

Text classification models

Create context-based text / document classification models.

Image cropper

Crop the input image according to each input region that is present in the input.

Concept thresholder

Use a threshold and an operator (>, >=, =, <=, or <) to route the outputs of classification models in your workflows.

Random sampler

Randomly sample inputs allowed to pass through as outputs.

Annotation writer

Write the input data to the database in the form of an annotation with a specified status as if a specific user created the annotation.

Enlight Train

Model versions per model




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Custom model training

Context-based model training leveraging a pre-built deep trained model. You can also context train using your own deep trained model if you are on a plan that includes deep training.

Deep training

Train every layer in a convolutional network from the ground up.

Model evaluation

Evaluation summaries

Evaluation overall model performance. Identify high-performing and low-performing concepts.

K-split confusion matrices


ConceptÕs prediction performance score, defined the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve.

Armada Predict

Clarifai pre-built model predictions

Dozens of high performance pre-built models.

Custom model serving

Predictions from your own custom models.

Shared inference servers

Dynamically-scaling inference clusters.

Dedicated inference servers

Dedicated nodes for predictions.

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The number of distinct collaborators.



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Fine grained API keys

Fine-grained control over the data exposed through your app.

Additional collaborators

Additional collaborators across apps can be purchased as an add-on by contacting sales.

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Single Sign On

Use a custom identity provider to connect to Clarifai.


Portal and API documentation documents APIs, user interfaces and best practices.

Community Slack and Stackoverflow

Access our communities via Slack or Stackoverflow.

Priority email support

Priority email queues.

Service level agreement

Service level agreements for enterprise grade use cases.

Early access program

Get early access to our latest features.

Expert education and onboarding

Custom training sessions by Clarifai ML experts.

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Dedicated solution architect

Consult with Clarifai ML experts on your use case.

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Analyst Report

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Computer Vision AI Software Platforms 2022

See why the IDC MarketScape named Clarifai a Leader in Computer Vision AI Software Platforms.

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Pricing that scales with your data labeling projects 

Outsource your data labeling tasks to a team of specialized data annotators and researchers. We combine cutting-edge AI automation on a secure AI platform to deliver you the highest quality training datasets you need for the most complex use cases. Contact us to learn about additional volume discounts.

Learn more about our data labeling services.

  First 500,000 annotations 500,000+ annotations
Visual Classification $0.05 per image or frame and $0.05 per annotation Volume discounts
Bounding Boxes $0.05 per image or frame and $0.05 per annotation Volume discounts
Text $0.05 per document and $0.05 per annotation Volume discounts

Frequently asked questions

    • How does pricing work? (*)

      The Essential plan includes a monthly credit of $30 worth of inputs and operations, and the Professional plan includes a monthly credit of $300 worth of inputs and operations. Since there are different prices for ops and inputs, there are additional charges for any inputs or operations beyond the package price.

      To help illustrate this, assume you need to do 100,000 pre-trained model classifications, where each operation costs $0.0012. The total price for these operations is $0.0012 x 100,000 = $120. If you are on the Essential Plan, you would be billed for the base price of $30, and an additional $90 for a total of $120. If you are on the professional plan, you would be billed $300, and you would have additional credit to perform more operations.

      Download our price sheet

    • What are the maximum operations and inputs stored per package?

      The Essential plan lets users do a max of 300k operations each month. The Professional plan lets users do a max of 1M operations each month. Similarly, the Essential plan lets users store a max of 300k inputs, and the Professional plan lets users store a max of 1M inputs. Since there are different prices for ops and inputs, there are additional charges for any inputs or operations beyond the package price.

    • What if I need to cancel my subscription?

      You can cancel your subscription any time by downgrading to the community plan. Once you downgrade, you are allowed inputs and operations will be bound by our community plan. Contact

    • How do I know whether I need deep training or context / custom model training?

      Clarifai's Enlight custom model training lets you take advantage of our pre-trained models, which are trained on millions of inputs. This lets you train high-performing models that leverage the understanding from our pre-trained models using a very small number of inputs. On the other hand, with deep training you can build an entirely custom neural network for your application from the ground-up, and thus requires a higher number of inputs. Deep training is extremely powerful, particularly when you have unique data and you need to maximize model accuracy. Learn more about deep training. 

    • Do you have custom pricing plans for enterprise customers?

      Custom plans are available and scale as your business grows.
      Download our price sheet

    • Do you offer Professional Services? How much do you charge?

      Clarifai’s team of experts are here to help you every step of the way as you integrate computer vision AI into your technology stack. We offer Scribe LabelForce Data Labeling service as well as Enlight ModelForce for custom modeling building.

      Please contact us below for a detailed Statement of Work and level of effort.

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