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    Reduce fraud costs, grow customer revenue, and know your customer better with computer vision.

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Know your banking customers better with computer vision and NLP.

Knowing your customer is critical to driving business account growth, identifying theft, and supporting compliance. Identify customers as they enter the bank and take a more proactive approach to preventing fraudulent activity. Computer vision also allows you to analyze customer behaviors and sentiment and identify targeted service and selling opportunities.

Computer Vision

  • Identity verification

    With face recognition and NLP validate identity through government documents like passports, driver's licenses, and proof of address to mitigate fraudulent account creation.

  • Know your customer better

    Use Computer Vision to gain insights into customer demographics to roll out targeted marketing, adjust product mix, and drive member engagement programs. Proactively identify customers entering the branch for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Identify VIP and high potential customers to provide personalized service.

  • Reduce in-branch and ATM fraud

    Use face recognition to authenticate identities of account owners and new customers. Receive real-time alerts when people of interest conduct fraudulent transactions. 

  • Improve the customer journey

    Use Computer Vision to notify branch managers with real-time alerts when more tellers are needed. Use sentiment analysis to improve teller processes and identify training opportunities for better service.

Natural Language Processing

Support your compliance strategy using NLP and OCR.

Leverage text documents faster to support your banking onboarding process and business transactions. Use real-time data to understand your bank demographics to support marketing, product mix, and elevate member engagement.

  • Detect anomalies in transactions

    Use labeled data from transactions or loan applications to set a baseline of data points. Detect deviations in credit, withdrawal, or charge patterns in real time to notify employees to determine fraudulent behavior.

  • Onboard customers with confidence

    Search and match customer accounts against regulatory watch lists, sanctions lists, and adverse media reporting on the web. Mitigate risk and fraud for both PEPs and REPs.

  • Deploy chatbots for customer service

    Determine the intent behind a customer's question in real time to improve service. Respond with product recommendations and financial guidance in 52 languages based on bank locations.

Explore our ready-to-use model gallery

  • Text moderation

    Detect toxic, obscene, racist or threatening language, or train your own custom moderation models with custom concepts.

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  • Text embedding

    Assign tags or categories to analyze text based on its contents. Build models for topic analysis, sentiment analysis and smart reply.

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  • General

    Recognize over 11,000 different concepts including objects, themes, moods and more.

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  • Demographics

    Predict the age, gender or cultural appearances of faces.

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  • Face detection

    Detect the location of faces with bounding boxes.

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  • Celebrity

    Analyze images and return probability scores on the likelihood that the media contains the face(s) of over 10,000 recognized celebrities.

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  • Apparel detection

    Detect items of clothing or fashion-related items.

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  • Face embedding

    Analyze images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space.

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  • Food

    Recognize more than 1,000 food items in images down to the ingredient level.

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  • Color

    Identify the dominant colors present in your images in hex or W3C form.

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  • Textures and patterns

    Recognize textures and patterns in a two-dimensional image e.g., feathers, woodgrain, petrified wood, glacial ice and overarching descriptive concepts (veined, metallic).

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  • Not safe for work

    Identify different levels of nudity in your visual data. Ideal for moderating and filtering offensive content from your platform.

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  • Travel

    Recognize specific features of residential, hotel, and travel-related properties.

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  • Wedding

    Recognize over 400 concepts related to weddings including bride, groom, flowers and more.

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  • General embedding

    Analyze images and returns numerical vectors that represent each detected face in the image in a 1024-dimensional space computed by our General model.

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  • Image moderation

    Identify unwanted content such as gore, drugs, explicit nudity or suggestive nudity.

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  • Custom

    Create your own model and teach it with your own images and concepts.

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  • Model gallery

    Explore our pre-built, ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs.

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