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Differentiate your platform with automated data labeling, visual search and natural language processing.

Clarifai's platform uses pre-trained, custom, and deep trained models to create dynamic ways to collate, filter, and retrieve digital assets. Using computer vision, differentiate your digital asset management platform by helping clients quickly tag content and search more deeply based on media content, color, location, abstract concepts, and more.


Differentiate your Digital Asset Management platform with Computer Vision and AI

Implement next generation content intelligence.

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  • Integrate automated metadata tagging to deliver faster more accurate search results

    Using one platform integrate automated metadata tagging to minimize manual processes and improve workforce productivity 100x. With out-of-the box pre-trained models, uncover over 11,000 concepts within your video and images. Use custom models to search and tag your own data based on any criteria specific to your business needs.

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  • Use visual similarity search to find related assets faster

    Find the right assets faster with our advanced Spacetime Search capabilities. Search videos, images, and documents based on visual similarities. Drill into search results through advanced filtering capabilities based on metadata, annotations, geo-location, and more.

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  • Govern brand content in one integrated platform

    Identify out of date content, explicit material, low quality images and videos, or content that doesn't meet brand guidelines. Advanced search capabilities provide the tools for monitoring media library content, copyright infringement, and superior brand governance.

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  • Search by demographic requirements to create personalized campaigns

    Search by age, gender, and multicultural presentation to find relevant content for different demographic audiences faster. For marketers, gain a deeper understanding of your media library content to deliver more profitable campaigns.

  • Navigate large volumes of text with natural language processing

    Automatically summarize the meaning of text as well as gain an understanding of the opinions or emotions found inside data. Recognize text in 53 languages within images in order to fully understand the  content. Determine purchasing intent, understand audience sentiment, moderate user generated content, and more.

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Solution Brief

Using AI to differentiate digital asset management

Improve content management with visual search, automated data labeling, and AI.

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