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  • Webinar on-demand

    Facial Recognition: Reality vs. Hype

    Improve security, safety and experiences with AI-powered solutions.

  • Dispelling the myths around facial recognition.

    As machine learning continues to drive advancements in computer vision, facial recognition has become more commonplace. With facial recognition, both commercial and public sector organizations can improve security, speed up entry to buildings, log people in digitally, reduce theft, protect identities, ensure safe spaces and even build effective demographic models to improve the visitor experience.

    In this webinar gain insights into the basics of how facial recognition works and what is actually possible with the technology today. Learn about common use cases to improve operational efficiency and safety that can provide ideas for extending your own applications.

    You’ll learn:

    What is facial recognition and the challenges around it

    How to use facial recognition for access control

    How to use facial recognition to secure public and business environments

    How to use facial recognition for employee safety