November 6, 2018

RichRelevance Partnership With Clarifai’s Visual AI models

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We're thrilled to announce today our new partnership with RichRelevance, the global leader in Experience Personalization. This new strategic alliance extends RichRelevance’s Xen AI with Clarifai’s visual AI models to deliver a comprehensive, full-spectrum suite of AI personalization strategies. Check out coverage of the partnership in MarTech Advisor! 

The joint solution is available to retailers and brands starting today and enables digital leaders to tap into deep learning and visual AI to deliver new, innovative digital shopping experiences that incorporate visual inputs and concepts to drive engagement and revenue growth.

“We’re committed to bringing our clients the cutting-edge AI capabilities they need to exceed customer expectations,” said Raj Badarinath, VP of Marketing and Ecosystems at RichRelevance. “Our ecosystem strategy is to bring together the specialists in the broad personalization AI market under one umbrella, enabling both customer and partner data science extensions. This partnership with Clarifai extends our Xen AI platform with state-of-the-art visual AI for today’s shoppers. Now brands and retailers have everything they need - from user behavior to deep learning AI - in a single platform to deliver the most relevant shopping experience.”

According to a recent Gartner study, 30% of digital commerce revenue growth will be attributable to artificial intelligence technologies by 2020. With the growing demand for breakthrough technology solutions to improve the shopping experience, the alliance brings together two leading AI innovators to create new opportunities for retail and beyond. Clarifai’s visual AI provides deep insights into the visual similarity of products in a catalog. These algorithms and insights will be available to RichRelevance Xen AI customers to enable real-time personalization strategies based on image similarity and visual concepts, blending with each customer’s history, preferences, context and real-time behavior.

Initial use cases with early adopters include visually similar product recommendations, image matching using the retailer’s current product catalog with external pictures taken via mobile or social sites such as Pinterest, and catalog enrichment.

“As an AI leader in computer vision, we’re excited by the endless possibilities for AI to improve the online shopping and ecommerce experience,” said Matt Zeiler, our founder and CEO at Clarifai. “In July 2017 Clarifai partnered with West Elm to provide users with customized furniture recommendations based on their favorite styles on Pinterest, and our tech is driving a limitless array of similarly creative applications. We’re thrilled to announce our work with RichRelevance, a pioneer in the experience personalization space, and we look forward to helping the retail sector continue to innovate.”

Learn more about Clarifai use cases here!

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