June 15, 2020

Clarifai Release 6.2 | Expand Your AI Potential With Enhancements

Table of Contents:

Clarifai Release 6.2 expands your AI potential with a set of major innovations, features and improvements within our platform. We are announcing the official release of a series of advanced tools for model and workflow design. Plus with Knowledge Graph and concept relations, you can create and network taxonomies like never before.  

Model Mode


Next generation AI solutions can require a variety of machine learning and fixed function models working together at the same time. Clarifai Model Mode takes the model design and networking process to the next level by making it easy to work with Clarifai's rapidly expanding model library, or building custom models of your own. 

Deep Training


Clarifai offers a variety of prebuilt models that are designed to help you build AI solutions quickly and efficiently. Clarifai Models are the recommended starting point for many users because they offer incredibly fast training times when you customize them using the "Context-Based Classifier" type in Portal's Model Mode.

But there are many cases where accuracy and the ability to carefully target solutions takes priority over speed and ease of use. Additionally, you may need a model to learn new features not recognized by existing Clarifai Models. For these cases, it is possible to "deep train" your custom models and integrate them directly within your workflows.


Workflow graphs with input nodes


The outputs from one model can now be used as the inputs to another model. This allows you to link together the models in a graph. Linking models helps you build sophisticated AI solutions that can zero-in on specific use cases.

Clarifai Knowledge Graph concept relations


The Clarifai Knowledge Graph lets you map your custom concepts to a common set of concepts understood by all applications on the Clarifai platform. The knowledge graph makes it possible to link data across multiple custom and pre-built models in a meaningful way.

Concept mapping model


The Knowledge Graph uses Clarifai's concept mapping model to establish a hierarchical relationship between your concepts. and to uses three different predicates to organize your concepts: hypernyms, hyponyms, and synonyms.