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Jeff Toffoli

Jeff Toffoli
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Image Recognition Visual Search Digital Asset Management

5 Ways to Make Digital Asset Management Easier With AI

Without a systematic way of organizing, managing and mining your unstructured data, the sheer volume can make ...

Business News Models

Top 5 AI Models for the Enterprise

AI is helping businesses of all kinds to increase revenue, reduce costs and reduce risk. AI solutions ...

Content Moderation

Common Frameworks for Content Moderation

AI-powered content moderation tools can help to automate the moderation of content and also help companies ...

Public Sector

What is Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)?

ISR systems collect and process insights from unstructured data. AI is being used to improve ISR so that we ...

Clarifai Release 8.5

Workflow publishing, two-factor authentication, and labeling in New Portal are just a few exciting updates ...

Content Moderation

What is content moderation, and why is AI the answer?

There is simply too much user-generated content for your company to keep up with, so how do you support this ...

What is AI-Powered Visual Inspection?

AI-powered visual inspection uses computer vision AI to analyze machinery, production processes, inventory ...

Machine Learning Image Recognition Automated Visual Inspection

How to calculate the ROI of Automated Visual Inspection

Your visual inspection ROI calculation will depend on the nature of your use case and the benefit that you ...

Product Releases

Clarifai Release 7.10

We’ve got some special news we wanted to share with you today: we’re excited to announce Release 7.10 of the ...

5 Takeaways from Perceive 2021

Perceive 2021 was our biggest event ever, with two full days of content and an international collection of ...

Product Releases

Clarifai Release 7.9

Release 7.9 introduces our best-performing person detector, video annotation tools, and powerful new Clarifai ...

How to Integrate Clarifai AI and Snowflake

This tutorial shows you how to integrate AI for unstructured data (images, video, text and audio) into your ...