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July 31, 2020

Clarifai Release 6.5

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Introducing Clarifai Release 6.5, which includes a ton of upgrades to the way that search is handled in our API and Portal. Plus we've introduced Social Single Sign On (SSO), to make it easy to sign-up or sign-in to Clarifai with the accounts your are already using every day.

Banner of Clarifai release 6.5

New Search APIs

AI models can be used to power search. Our API automatically indexes your inputs so that they are ready for search from the moment they are uploaded. Once indexed, you can search for images by concept, visual similarity, or metadata. We have rebuilt our search APIs from the ground-up to support a ton of new features and even better performance.

Localized Search

Banner of localized search feature solution provided by Clarifai

With visual search, you can search for images in your application based on their visual similarity to other images. Visual search uses the same underlying technology that powers classification and detection, but does not require concepts. This means that you do not need to label or train your model with custom concepts, and you do not need to use any existing concepts in our pre-built models. Visual search ranks your data based on the similarity of visual characteristics alone. Localized search lets you perform visual searches by using the detected regions of an image. 

Video Search

Banner of video search feature solution provided by Clarifai

You can also use full scene and localized search with video. Each frame of video is treated like an individual image. You can view detections and search with detected regions just like with still photos. Now available for early access preview for more information please contact

Social SSO

Banner of Clarifai Social SSO feature solution

Social SSO Login allows you to access Clarifai with login credentials that already exist on other social platforms. It’s simple and convenient and it will let Clarifai users utilize social logins for Google and GitHub. No need to fill out the sign-up forms or remember another password.