March 8, 2018

Compete For Glory and Prizes at the Clarifai AI Hackathon

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Join us this Saturday, August 13th, for a day of merriment, hacking, and sweet prizes at the Clarifai x General Assembly AI hackathon. The hackathon theme is using AI to build something that will advance the inevitable robot apocalypse … you know, the usual.


I am pumped to announce our first Artificial Intelligence Hackathon, hosted in collaboration with General Assembly, this Saturday 8/13! Our hackathon theme is to make something with AI that will advance the inevitable robot apocalypse. Because the only way to prevent robots from killing us all someday is to imagine all the ways they could kill us, obviously.


We’ll be giving away one mysterious and amazing Grand Prize, in addition to five more super awesome prizes for these special categories:

  • Most Likely to Make Your Smart Home Kill You
  • Most Likely to Distract Humans from Inevitable Oncoming Danger
  • Most Likely to Slow Human Progress
  • Most Secretly Evil
  • Most Not-So-Secretly Evil

Take your pick! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking – just remember to be unique and have FUN:

  • A smart home that watches your every single movement, body temperature, and even uses your identity without you knowing about it
  • A self-driving car AI that discreetly lures its users into inevitable danger with bad navigation
  • A smart thermostat hack that sets your house to really, really uncomfortable temperatures

Anywho, come join us this Saturday and unleash your AI skills. Remember to get your ticket here by Friday afternoon – we already have 160 signups, so make sure you reserve a spot now!