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Gear Up Your AI: Fine-Tuning LLMs

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Machine Learning Image Recognition Face Recognition Visual Search Models

6 Applications in the Growing Field of Computer Vision

Computer vision is a trending topic in the world of AI, and computer vision technology is seeing rapid ...

Business News Industry News Machine Learning Public Sector

AI is Taking Flight

Over the past decade, the aviation industry has been going through some major changes. AI technologies are ...

Machine Learning Face Recognition

Top 10 Uses for Face Recognition in 2021

Learn how industry sectors are incorporating facial recognition into their business operations.

Content Moderation Visual Search NLP

5 Types of Content Moderation and How to Scale Using AI

Think of what could happen to your brand and your community if something illicit was posted on your community ...

Machine Learning

Sentiment Analysis and Storytelling

Explore how Wattpad is using advanced machine learning to create their "story DNA" algorithm.

Machine Learning Image Recognition

Deep Learning for Visual Inspection

Deep-learning-based computer vision has wide applications in automating the visual inspection for quality ...

Machine Learning

Neural Network Pruning for Compression & Understanding

Pruning is the process of removing weight connections in a network to increase inference speed and decrease ...

Machine Learning Image Recognition Face Recognition

Challenges & State of the Art Solutions Associated with Face Recognition

Several factors make face recognition difficult for machines such as extreme illumination, occlusion, extreme ...

Image Recognition

Clarifai April 2019 Newsletter

Spring has begun, and with it comes a whole slew of Clarifai news and updates! Plus, check out some of the ...

Business News Image Recognition

Boulder AI & Clarifai For AI-Driven Security Camera Solutions

Clarifai is pleased to announce its strategic technical alliance with Boulder AI, one of the leading ...

Company News

A Minute with… Amy Kim, Product Lead at Clarifai

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are today? Hm, I don’t think my path is very common. In ...

Joining The PHP Parade With Our New API Client

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai PHP client. This has been ...