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April 8, 2019

Clarifai April 2019 Newsletter

Table of Contents:

AI Industry News Roundup

Clarifai's Android and iOS SDKs Now Available to All

We’re excited to announce that the new and improved Clarifai Edge SDKs for Android and iOS are now available for general use! Unlike our Cloud API or On-Premises options, the Edge SDKs are for your mobile or edge devices and don’t rely on them being connected to the cloud or a private server. Instead, the Edge SDKs allow you to access our cutting-edge computer vision capabilities on your edge devices themselves, with benefits such as lower latency and scalable computation.
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>Behind Clarifai Search: Interview with Product Lead Amy Kim

How do you make search engines even more powerful? Add visual data to the mix. Amy Kim, Product Manager at Clarifai, explains how Clarifai Search is leveraging computer vision AI to power up queries.
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Customer Stories

Garden Answers Uses Clarifai's Computer Vision to Recognize 20,000+ Plants

“I’m getting all this value without having to build it myself.” - Alex Shah, CEO of Garden Answers

The My Garden Answers app recognizes an extensive variety of flora from across the globe. The app provides users with detailed information on over 20,000 plants, including where each originated from and the types of environments they best thrive in. 
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Clarifai and Boulder AI Announce Alliance for AI-Driven Security Cameras

We are thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Boulder AI, one of the leading artificial intelligence vision system developers in the world. As two of the foremost computer vision AI companies, we will be partnering to combine our cutting edge visual recognition capabilities with Boulder AI's hardware and software competencies to power the Boulder AI DNNCam.


"Clarifai visual AI models at the network edge gives the platform the almost magic ability to capture and deliver relevance within detected objects." -- said Darren Odom, CEO of Boulder AI.

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Building the Future of AI: Meet Clarifai’s New Head of Product

We’re thrilled to introduce Meng (JJ) Jiang, who will be leading our product team as we continue toward our mission of accelerating the progress of humanity with continually improving AI. In this post, meet JJ and discover his insights on AI today and its future.
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AI Industry News Roundup

DoD Laying Groundwork for ‘Multi-Generational’ Effort on AI

What does Michael Gormish, Head of Research at Clarifai, think? 
“One of the keys to the success of AI is the selection of appropriate problems. AI is much better than humans for some tasks and much worse at tasks that even a young human child. Research involving the choice of the best current approach for a known problem can proceed quickly even if it involves millions of items. Research trying to teach machines to do everything a 5-year-old can do that a 3-year-old can’t takes much longer.”
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Turing Award And $1 Million Given To 3 AI Pioneers

What does Matt Zeiler, CEO of Clarifai, think? 

Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun have each had a transformative impact on not just computing and AI, but almost all other scientific fields. The foundations of AI stemmed from these three experts, and it is especially exciting to see my former collaborators recognized for their groundbreaking work.


Each of these innovators have all been instrumental to my own education and expertise when learning about AI - both during my undergrad thesis with Geoff, during my PhD in the same lab as Yann LeCun, or through routinely collaborating across three labs in NYU, Toronto, and Montreal.”

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