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September 9, 2019

How Online Retailers Are Using Deep Learning to Grow Their Business

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The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has introduced many amazing new technologies, and a deluge of virtual features, particularly in the field of machine learning. Industries like Healthcare and Online Retailers are starting to adopt these technologies and are finding practical applications that are helping them optimize and grow their businesses.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning belongs to the field of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It deals with algorithms based on the function and structure of the human brain called artificial neural networks. These neural networks can learn from unlabeled or unstructured data without the need for any human supervision. Deep Learning is also known as deep neural network or deep neural learning. This machine learning technique that makes it possible to train an AI to foresee outcomes using a given set of data - using both supervised and unsupervised learning to train the AI.

Deep Learning enables machines to understand and generate “sensory data.” This includes videos, images, music, text, sound, and speech. If you have problems that you can solve with natural language processing or computer vision, you can solve them using Deep Learning.

Practical Deep Learning Applications for Online Retailers

Online retailers like Walmart are starting to use AI to gather product recommendations from customers, but are just barely scratching the surface of the full potential the technology can offer. By partnering with scientists, retailers can truly harness the power of AI optimizing user experiences and automating time consuming tasks.

Online retailers are using AI to optimize UXFor instance, online retailers can use Deep Learning to automatically tag visual data to improve many facets of the user experience. They can use AI to improve search and return better results to search queries, or improve the quality of product images – especially low-quality product photos – using color enhancement.

Using AI, online retailers can even create new product images by changing the style of existing product photos to enhance and personalize the browsing experience for site visitors, delivering a unique shopping experience.

Beyond images, Deep Learning can also be a valuable tool to help content creators optimize their websites to be found by search engines by automating the process of summarizing text to generate SEO meta descriptions, page titles, and short headline descriptions.

How Machine Learning Has Already Improved Ecommerce

Machine Learning has vastly enhanced the way online retailers do business. Did you know that online retailers are using AI to continuously track their competitors’ pricing? This helps them adjust promotions for both competitive price-matching purposes as well as so they know when they don't need to offer a discount.

Another way retailers are using machine learning is to deliver insights and fashion trend analysis. Retailers are using social media to collect data such as likes and comments, determine customer preferences, analyze customer opinions, find out what customers are interested in, and applying machine learning to this vast data-set to find and stay ahead of the latest consumer trends.

Machine Learning has also been quite helpful with inventory management by giving retailers the ability to use demand prediction to keep up with their customers' needs and optimize product replenishment and retail buying practices.

What's Next for AI and Retail?

Online retailers have only just begun to realize the potential that Deep Learning can bring to optimize their businesses.

Moving forward, retailers can easily gather data and analyze information automatically using Deep Learning technology. With it, they'll be able to learn more about their customers and their specific needs and desires. This will help them grow their business exponentially and offer great customer service while saving time, money, and effort.

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